Only 50 Shopping Days Left ...

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Only 50 Shopping Days Left ...

Post by tabby »

Okay fellow FGers ... how many of you have completely finished your Christmas shopping for the season?? I haven’t even started ... I thought about starting but that’s as far as I’ve gotten and that alone was enough to make me feel overwhelmed!

Do you finish early? Have you picked up a few things all year as you see them? (the smart thing to do!) Or are you one of those people who like to wait until the week before Christmas to really start in earnest?

I need to start shopping soon especially for gifts that need to be mailed long distance but the bulk of my Christmas shopping is done between Thanksgiving & Christmas. Thank heaven for Internet shopping!!

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Only 50 Shopping Days Left ...

Post by Chloe_88 »

I try to start quite soon with christmas shopping except: we have something called Sinterklaas on the 5th of december (dutch santa is the best way to put it I guess). MOst people don't accept you buying christmas shopping before the 5th of december here.. So I go round the shop sneaky, buying christmas stuff :yh_rotfl:wah:

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