Mo Thyme spent building ....

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Mo Thyme spent building ....

Post by Dewey2Me1MoThyme »

andirondack chairs. Nice and big and comfortable. I built these 2 adult and 2 child size chairs for a former co-worker. Let me know what you think, thumbs up or down. If you want to see mo of my woodworking let know, or if you don't, same thing! Can you find Max? Have a seat and sit a spell :)


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Mo Thyme spent building ....

Post by RedGlitter »

Dewey I give a big thumbs up on those chairs! Those are neat! And sure, I for one would love to see more pictures. Thanks you for sharing them with us. You are quite talented. And I found Max! What a sweetheart. :-4
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Mo Thyme spent building ....

Post by Chezzie »

Id love those in my Garden for sure...They look megga comfy:-6

Your good with Wood Dewey.........I spotted Max:wah:

Keep the pics coming Dewey:-4
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Mo Thyme spent building ....

Post by Pheasy »

I think those seats are great :-6 and that cute little doggy too :)

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