10 January Breakfast......Wednesday

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10 January Breakfast......Wednesday

Post by Peg »

*Peg makes Clipper sit down and enjoy some of his own cooking, hands him a card, and a cake with candles for his birthday.*
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10 January Breakfast......Wednesday

Post by ilona17 »

Apple Juice! Yumm :-4
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10 January Breakfast......Wednesday

Post by buttercup »

You do still cook on your birthday :-4

I'll have some of those pancakes please :D
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10 January Breakfast......Wednesday

Post by Bez »

Clipper;511151 wrote: Lotta clanging and banging going on in the kitchen this morning and here is the end result.....

Grilled hamsteaks

Buttermilk pancakes with Maple syrup

Ice cold apple juice

Hot Cajun coffee

If that don't wake ya up then yer obviously dead and beyond my help.:p Let's all have a good and safe day folks!:D

Yum yum...be there in 10 minutes...keep that coffee hot Clip !
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