Fridays Menu....

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Fridays Menu....

Post by chrisb84uk »

JAB wrote: All well here - can't complain!! Happy Paddy's Day!!

Shocking to hear that about Far, isn't it? The cowboy just can't seem to leave the Pub with all the same clothing he walked in with! :wah:

Hahaha I haven't been in the pub in a while, so I'm going to have to catch up on this. Now is this Far taking his own clothes off, or being taken off him by others?? :sneaky: :D
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Fridays Menu....

Post by SweetDarlin »

He was stripping again!? Yeeesh!

Happy St. Pat's y'all

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Fridays Menu....

Post by Lil~Basco »

JAB wrote: Both. He doesn't need much encouragement! :wah:
Boy...ain't that the truth! Throw a $20 his way and he'll do anything! :p :D

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