Vintage Radios TVs

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Vintage Radios TVs

Post by tabby »

Anyone who is interested in old transistor radios & televisions will enjoy these links! I'm not an electronics whiz by any stretch of the imagination but even I enjoyed the step back in time. The only thing even remotely close to vintage by way of radios that I have is an old stuffed animal tiger cub that has a little AM radio on his stomach. His pretty striped fur is rubbed off in spots and the radio has long gone kaput but I still have him tucked away in a spare bedroom.

The tvs that my parents had when I was growing up were more like a nice piece of furniture with the tv discreetly embedded inside. I've seen photos of vintage tvs where the owners removed the tv part and replaced it with a fish tank. It actually looked pretty good!

What's the oldest radio or tv that you have?

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Vintage Radios TVs

Post by Snowfire »

I have a 1947 Ecko radio that I've had for about 25 years. Picked it up at a boot fair. It takes an age to warm up but has a rich warm sound. It needs some attention now as the chord that operates the tuning has broken. I also have a 70's multi wave band radio made in Russia that, if it were working could probably pick up Voyager. It has a tray in the bottom that accommodates about 30 batteries, or it will run off a 12v car battery. Through the 70's it seemed that the best radios to get your hands on were Russian and I had a few.
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Vintage Radios TVs

Post by AnneBoleyn »

1964 Panasonic Radio with 2 small speakers. It used to have a turntable. Radio still very good quality of sound.
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Vintage Radios TVs

Post by valerie »

I'm with ya on the nice pieces of furniture, Tabby. My Dad still has the tv

that I watched the moon landing on! Doesn't work anymore, but I bet

somebody could bring it back. Or re-purpose it. Then again, Dad also

has the (continuous use except for a couple of moves!) fridge that he

and Mom bought two months before they had me, in 1952!

My oldest tv right now is a 1984 6 inch, works beautifully, I got it

primarily to put in the bathroom for Super Bowl parties. I have a Sony

Trinitron that is beautiful and still works, but it is only a 27" so doesn't

get used. I just can't part with it yet, though. I remember back in '86

when I got it, and btwn making payments on it and paying for cable,

it was costing me around $120 to watch tv every month!!
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Vintage Radios TVs

Post by Bryn Mawr »

I went immediately to the "Communications" section to find my old transceiver but the link only had American ones.

It was an ex-army 19 set - mostly used by the tank brigades but, as I understood it, also lugged around the battlefield by the infantry :-

Wireless Set No. 19 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It might not have had that much power in transmit but the reception was wonderful.
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Vintage Radios TVs

Post by Wandrin »

Uh oh. Too may of the Hallicrafters and Hammarlund rigs in the communications section looked far too familiar. That brought back some old memories.

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