The Nightwatchman

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The Nightwatchman

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An Ode To Jack London

A harvest moon presides above, the forest below is illuminated.

White-fleeced, a German sheperd prowls powerfully through the

nighttime forest. His blessed name is Timber.

He's perched atop a monstrous rock, a silhouette against the moon.

He's like a Hollywood cameraman, he sniffs the air, and pans

the darkened scenery.

He senses some movement, a ways off in the brush. Dutifully, he trots

off to investigate, wildlife scurry with a whoosh.

He happens upon a woodchuck, propped up on his hind legs. This

animal doesn't flinch, since he's puzzled by such an intrusion.

The nightwatchman, Timber, looks around, he gazes at the hole the wood-

chuck calls home. An authoritarian sniff and he grants his approval,

he turns tail and retreats, without one single sound.

The nightwatchman is tired, but he's also content. The forest is tranquil,

the peace Heaven-sent.
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The Nightwatchman

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Bless the good old GSD:-4

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