After Labor Day

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After Labor Day

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plazul wrote: They say that people don't start thinking about politics until after Labor Day. Where did they ever get that idea?

They obviously don't visit FG!

It is only Thursday and already the government buildings are empty and caravans of RVs, mini vans, and SUVs are leaving town on the last expedition of summer-- Labor Day weekend.

Somehow I doubt that all those people will be discussing politics on their way home.

I'm sure they'll be nursing headaches, fatigue, and hangovers.
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After Labor Day

Post by capt_buzzard »

Who are you calling an old Fart :wah: Yes Plazul,you are right. There is more politics than Culture,be it American which many of us here Love. An old Irish saying,Talk politics in strangers company and lose a new friend. The more variety in the garden is bringing in new gardenders.

Onwards & Upwards. :-4

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