A Plea Frm The Heart

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A Plea Frm The Heart

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Time is lost for life is long,

An ending ne'er in view.

Lead me to that shining throng

Far from these earth bound few.

Free me from these bounden chains,

A hell on earth entombed

Endless mis'ry, torment reigns,

Harmonious chords detuned.

No foundation, chaos churning,

Limts reason. Fires burning.

Help me fly beyond the zones,

Of earthly flesh & dried up bones.

Lead me to that peace eternal,

Far from mortal hell infernal.

Wanton hatred with a passion,

Confrontation is the fashion.

Hearken ye unto my call,

Take my life & let me fall.
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A Plea Frm The Heart

Post by Bruv »

That has cheered me up
I thought I knew more than this until I opened my mouth

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