Staying Young FOREVER!!!

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Staying Young FOREVER!!!

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My pigtails may not be equal and my shirt doesn’t match my shorts, one sock is pink and the other blue, but what does it matter. I am going to the south pasture today where there is a sea of dandy bright yellow faces that won’t care, a carpet of nature for me to take part in; acceptance without any boundaries.

The sun is high and warm and the breeze is just right for flying a kite!!

Which kite should I take to sail my soul away on today?

The Dragon Kite is way too cool with its scary face of fire and flames. Its neon color ribbons adorned with Bow ties would be exciting to fly high.

Perhaps the box kite with its sturdy inexpressive sticks ~ nah, that is a boring kite accept on very windy days!

I know! I will soar high amongst the clouds with my Princess Kite! It’s so alive with beautiful Lady Jane painted upon its face and bright happy smiling ribbon colors that make me giggle. I tied two jingle bells to her lead line…kinda like what Santa’s reindeer wear but a bunch smaller. They give Lady Jane a voice of a light musical tone and that always makes me grin from ear to ear.

“Are you coming with me today…I’ll met cha there! Time a wasting! I will bring the Dragon Kite for you to fly!”

Racing to the pasture, clumsy as can be with two kites, laughing in silliness and living life as only one with no regrets can be.

Rejoicing in the moments and gathering it into my soul as my Princess soars high against the blue canvas of the sky and I let my thoughts go with her….I will never grow old!
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Staying Young FOREVER!!!

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Ah Mary-Mary ... Your writing improves in leaps & bounds! :guitarist
"…I hate how I don’t feel real enough unless people are watching." — Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

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