“do stop whining”

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“do stop whining”

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If you are tired

old and expired

If drizzling makes you run to the dryer

If your man sits with a lady on the stage again

If you’re fed up with your own conjugal fort

If your in-laws are systematically calling for support

If your dad holds onto the railing again

If there is snow, and, surely, when there is fog

If it’s icy or there is a lot of smog

If all that is your destiny

And you ask if there is a recipe

Go Slap the doors then

Tear up your best dress

But Do Stop, Do Stop WHINING

Cry in your bed, bite in your cloth

Swear at your neighbor, shout from the rooftop

But Do Stop, Do Stop WHINING

Kick all around you, don’t be that lady

Do throw the tea cups and don’t say maybe

But Do Stop, Do Stop WHINING

Take a pair of scissors and cut into the plush

Give the notary’s wife a very icy douche

Yes, surely do it all

Make a big scandal

But Do Stop, Do Stop WHINING

If you’re down

If you are sick

If rheumatism makes your limbs loudly click

If the rain leaks through the roof on your spotless carpet

And your seven kids all ill from the changing climate

And no piece of food is in the Frigidaire

And mice are starving on the stairs

If your Austin collided on a pole

If the cat pukes on the mat you’d just adore

If you are poor as a church mouse

Must mop in a workhouse

If that all happens in your life

In every color every size still

Do Stop, Do Stop WHINING

Jump into the canal or shortcut your hair

Marsh all the ladies onto Tahrir square


Go learn jujitsu, dance a striptease show

Piss in the mailbox, drop on the go

But Do Stop Do Stop WHINING

Go to the office and spit through the dream-hole

Pinch in the buttocks, Fry up your troll

Yes, surely Do it all

But Do Stop, Do Stop WHINING

Get fiercely drunk, hate all your boyfriends

Punch the director, Fire-up all pants

But Do Stop, Do Stop WHINING

Squeeze your parakeet, turn your cat dizzy

Say to the General: ”You are a sissy”

But Do Stop, Do Stop WHINING

Boy-a-boy-a-boy wha-a-t a show

Nothing really abnormal

Just do it overall

With a cannibal

But Do Stop, Do Stop WHINING

By a Dutch Woman named Annie, translated by Ellen Molenaar
"…I hate how I don’t feel real enough unless people are watching." — Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

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