Statements [Rain]

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Statements [Rain]

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again..nothing reflects my life in this work, just thoughts


Come closer,

do you think of me

in your Winter rains,

grays touch the ocean.

Come sit,

my hands are warm

merely empty.

I reminisce,

incidental moments

remind too?

the paths we walked are the same I`m sure,

void of our impressions.

Do you think of me

when the rains fall?

it`s been so long...

Well better go,

rain is passing.

Thought you might like to know

I think of you..

Rain is that way sometimes.


Statement [2]

The wood has grayed

many years of weather,

fighting Winter, July boils,

and the rain.

Comfort on the old back-steps

twisted some, but sturdy.

Dark clouds move across

lighter shades,

or is it the world moving around

charcoal splashes.

Rain..doesn`t it seem searing at times.

I fought the day to bring me here,

the cold minutes spent alone...

No one to watch the rain.

"question my abilities..never my heart"

© Copyright 2011 Vincent


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