The Great Contest

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The Great Contest

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A legend of the ages is told before time began,

of a mighty contest between the Sun and man.

The dominion of all was the fabled crown and throne,

with all authority held by the victor alone.

"for i am greater in power and glory." said the sun,

the man just smiled and with a nod, the contest begun.

The sun went first, and soared to the heights and turned,

with a blast from his face, all was scorched and burned.

into a cave with a refreshing spring the man went.

And there he remained till the suns heat was spent.

The clouds gathered to protest to the sun,

But he would not relent till all was won.

The clouds anger was great as lightning split the sky,

"In your pride would you have all under you die?"

The clouds asked, though the sun ignored them all.

the man shook his head, knowing pride goeth before a fall.

As the earth beneath the sun withered away, and oceans fled,

The sun continued his quest till all was dead.

When the sun was satisfied by his show of might,

he finally set his path into the west and heralded the night.

From the cave came forth the man, ready to answer the sun.

"By your desire to prove your great stength,

and showing you will go to any length,"

"You prove yourself pitiless and unworthy to rule.

without compassion and mercy, needlessly cruel."

"Your pride and arrogance are great indeed."

And with a gentle smile, the man brought forth a seed.

The clouds wept with joy, the sun retreated in dismay.

The contest judged, with man crowned victor that day.
~Quoth the Raven, Nevermore!~
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The Great Contest

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I hope you join in our little story that is being written about The Legend Of The Lost One.

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