The Dream

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The Dream

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As i walked between the twilight of the sunset and sleep,

a voice from my memory spoke stirringly and deep.

"I know of what you keep hidden in your heart" the deep voice did say.

"your path has become broken, and you have lost your way"

From whence does this voice come? and why?

"from your past beyond memory" the voice did reply.

" I am he to whom you belong" he said.

"from eternity past, for eternity ahead."

As i try to absorb his statement simply made,

my heart listens intently, as the deep voice had bade.

My soul begins singing, "he's claimed you as his"

the deep voice answered, " you've always known this."

"but where can i find you? for I am alone!" my heart cried.

The silence of the night was all that replied.

Amidst my dream, in the night sky,a single star shone.

My heart stirs aknew, with the hope that was sewn.

As dawn draws near, my heart again pleads,

as tears course my face, with unfulfilled needs.

The voice speaks again, "you are mine. come to me."

"open your heart, and you shall soon see."

With the tears falling harder, my spirit takes flight.

on the wings of an eagle it soars into the night.

It wings its way to the night star and there it does hover.

I spare no glance backward as i await my lover.

His breath I feel softly caressing my cheek.

My spirit is comforted by him that I seek.

As his arms take and enfold me around.

The first light of dawn touches my body on the ground.

with his kiss still warm on my lips, my spirit does depart.

To rejoin again with my soul and my heart.

I awaken with dawns first light in my eyes.

in the place between dreams and wakefullness it lies.

The magical realm of my lover it seems,

awaits only for me, at the edge of my dreams.
~Quoth the Raven, Nevermore!~
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The Dream

Post by koan »

This reminds me of some recurring dreams I had in my youth. The purported love of the man was thrilling but scary in it's possessiveness. It also has the sense of a well known spirit guide who is there to comfort and love you with a less eerie sense about it. One way or the other it is nice to not feel alone, especially when feeling lost and vulnerable.

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