Spooky Campfire Story

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Spooky Campfire Story

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This is a story we wrote on another forum, it was a lot of fun and it didn't turn out too bad (I think)

I was wondering if we could start one here ~ and have a few people participate, it could be on any subject.

Anyway here is "Spooky Campfire Story" written by "G", "C", "P", "H" & "K"



Steven, Craig, Dan, Jim and Jim's father Darren went out one weekend to camp by Lake Kickitoomee. Having set up the tent, and cooked themselves a nice meal, they were all sitting around the campfire, listening to the sounds around them. Suddenly, a loud crash echoed across the lake.

Darren picked up the flashlight, and in typical style announced "I'm going to see what that was." He hoisted himself off the log he was sitting on and turned from the fire...


"I didn't like the sound of that." Steven said, "Anyone wanna walk around to the other side of the lake with me and see what that noise was all about?"


Dad said... "Now boys, it's pitch black out there and I don't want anyone spraining an ankle on a walk. I am sure it was just a racoon or something so lets not worry about it"


But deep down inside he was concerned


It wasn't only the loud noise that bothered him, it was the eerie silence that followed. Ever since they heard the crash the forrest had become still. Apparently, though, the boys hadn't noticed as they were still quite involved with trying to get a hotdog that had fallen off a stick out of the burning fire....


Dad was familiar with these parts.. his father having brought him up here as a child on many a camping trip, as an adult he came up here for hunting and fishing with his buddies as well ~ but all that changed in the summer of 1989.. the summer no one wants to talk about.

Dad looked over at his boys, they were laughing and talking, just being kids and he wondered if bringing them up here was a good idea. They didn't know anything about Black August 1989, they were just little boys then. Should he even mention it?


Black August, he reflected, boy did that bring back memories and not the kind that brought a smile to his face. It all started just like this, but No, he thought, not two times; something like that couldn't happen twice!.


As his mind wandered back to that night he started to sweat and his body shook uncontrollably, his face distorted with fear, he was in another time, something took over his body, he picked up the axe and walked over to Stephen and....


said.. "Stephen, go and get some more wood for the fire.. here is the axe if you need it.. I want to build this fire big and high and keep it going all night"

Stephen took the axe and headed to the low brush area 20 yards away from the small camp.

He wondered what was wrong with Jim's father.. he had a strange tone in his voice.. he glanced and saw hm staring out into the darkness towards the lake.. his friends just chatted and goofed around, still cooking hotdogs over the flames.


Darren had had enough, he couldn't stand the suspence any longer he decided to go and see what was going on over the other side of the lake, all of the lads where doing there own thing so Darren left without a word. It was only a few minuets before a loud scream ended the peace and quiet and it didn't come from their campsite plus it sounded like a female in serious trouble, the lads where scared stiff and......... ____________


looked from one to another for reassurance "Did you hear that?" "Of course I did" said Jim... "sounded like a woman screaming"

Stephen ran up with the new wood for the fire he had just cut... "Hey, Jim where is your Dad?" he asked


Jimmy looked around wide eyed, "DAD, he yelled, "DAD, where are you?" At that point all the other boys starting yelling to, "Mr Casshew," they all chimed in, "Mr. Casshew, where are you?"


Jim's Dad, Darren Casshew ~ was no where to been seen. the boys shushed each other to be quiet and listened hard into the night, the only thing they heard was the occasional crack from the fire and a hoot owl in the distant night.

"We have to go look for him", Jim said with fear in his voice. "No" said the other boys... "we will stay put, build up the fire high so he can find his way back to us" said Stephen, he was the oldest of the boys and they all looked up to him, he was a born leader.

The boys quickly loaded more wood and branches on the fire and the flames grew taller and brighter... "We need more wood" decided Stephen and he sent Craig and Dan off to fetch it.

The boys had only taken a few steps from the fire when a scream split the night, it was a horrible sound almost not human, agony and terror in one and they all recognized it as being the voice of Mr. Casshew.

"Thats Dad" Jim shouted.. "Thats my Dad" he started running and screaming "Dad" Dad - where are you???" the other boys chased after him into the darkness. Craig had the only flashlight of the group and it's thin beam flashed across the tree line as he ran.


As the boys ran deeper into the woods, the thicker they became. The path that they had started on was no longer a path and they found themselves jumping over branches and dodging holes, obviously made by the tiny creatures that called these woods their home. The eerie silence which one again filled the air was oblivious to the boys as they scrambled through the brush.

Then they heard it again - the scream - the terrifying scream - except this time it was coming from behind them, back towards the camp. The boys turned and.....


started to head towards the sound.. they were all panicked now, terrified.. Craig led the way as he was the only one with a flashlight and the other boys followed closely.

They were huffing and puffing, trying to catch their breaths as they ran when suddenly Craig stopped and the other boys crashed into him... "Look.. Craig said in a shaky voice" and he pointed the beam of the flashlight towards a pine tree...

Hanging from the tree was Mr. Casshew... he was upside down hung from his ankles... there was a cruel looking barbed wire around his feet and blood stained pantlegs... his shirt hung down over his face so they could not see him and his arms trailed limply below.

"Oh My God, No!!!" shouted Jim "Dad, Dad.. Oh my god, Dad" "Who would do this.. Dad!!" Stephen grabbed Jim by the shoulders and shook him... told him to stay there, Craig put his arm around Jim and held him close, they were both crying...

Stephen approached the tree and heard a soft moan escape from Darren Casshew...

"He's Alive!!!!' "Help me!!!.. get up the tree, cut him down..."

Dan lifted the shirt so he could see Mr. Casshew's face... he was bloody, his eyes empty and shocked... as Stephen clambored up the tree, Mr. Casshew spoke his final words to young Dan... barely a whisper, wet with the blood in his throat... "It's happening again...." Darren Casshew gurgled "RUN, leave me... RUN" with that his eyes rolled back and there was nothing more...

"He's dead" cried Dan... he 's dead... oh my God, we have to get out of here.. something did this.. we have to go, we have to run"


All the boys turned, ready to run, although they weren't sure where, while Jim just stood and stared up at his father, his mouth agape. "Come on Jim, let's go, we gotta get out of here," Craig shouted, tugging at Jim's T-shirt. "Hurry, come on, I'm not hanging around here to see what did that." Still Jim just stood and stared - he couldnt' leave his father. No out here, not alone, not like this.

Now all three boys were shreiking at the top of their lungs and tugging on Jim. "Come on, we have to go get help, we have to get out of here." Jim turned and stumbled and by no choice of his own, he started to follow the other boys.

"Wait" said Stephen, the terror still present in his voice, "who knows which way to go? I got all turned around. Which way takes us back to camp?"

"Holy crap," said Dan, the youngest of the boys who began to cry, "I"m really scared."


Stephen, the oldest, paced back and forth.. "Let me think" he said.. "Let me think" he said over and over.

The beam from the flashlight began to flicker... "Sh*t" swore Craig "the flashlight is almost dead" he switiched it off for a minute to save power as the boy huddled together.

Jim was in shock.. his Dad was dead, he had not spoken a word, he was trembling uncontrollably and alowly sank to his knees, his face in his hands rocking back and forth.

Dan said shakily "Mr. Casshew ~ he, ahh.. he told me.. he told me something"

What?? said Steven "he spoke you"?

"Yeah" stammerd Craig, his teeth were chattering... "he, told me... it was happening again and to Run. just to leave him and run"

"Happening again?" repeated craig.. "what the hell does that mean?"

Jim stopped rocking on his heels and looked up at the other boys.. it was so dark they could only see each other outlined against the starry sky...

"The woman" Jim said "The woman.. remember? the woman, she screamed.. she screamed before my Dad... "

"Yeah?" said Steven "what does that mean"

"It's a story I heard" Jim said... "My dad, I heard him talking to my Mom once... they didn't know I was there" "They were saying something about hunters that were killed up here...way back, in the 80's I think.. there was one survivor.. and, well he said they were all picked off one by one... and, each time... they heard a woman screaming just before it happened.. like.. like a curse or something.. like a witch or something.. a demon"

Jim continued ... "I asked my Mom later.. and she was so mad at me.. told me never to mention it again to her, told me to forget I even heard it"

The boys stood quietly digesting what young Jim just said... the crack of a stick breaking behind them broke the silence....


All four boys looked at once towards the area the sound came from. Stephen quickly flicked on the flashlight and pointed directly in the glaring eyes of a baby skunk.....

"Look", Stephen said, "this is ridiculous. There are no such things as demons or devils or whatever. Someone killed Mr. Casshew. I don't know why, but I do know we have to get the hell out of here and get some help before whoever it is finds us. There is a killer lurking around here somewhere. I'm just wondering what that loud crash that we heard on the other side of the lake has to do with all of this. That's when all this crap started.

We either need to find our way back to camp or head to the other side of the lake and see what's going on. Mayber there is someone over there who can help us. What do you guys think?"


They decided to make tracks to the other side of the lake.Stephen was thinking about Jim's mom Mrs Casshew why would she get so upset when Jim asked her about the story he heared his dad telling her and who is the woman who is the screamer?


They trudged along like robots.. single file, no one spoke, they tried not to think.. they were all jumpy, every sound from the woods make them flinch, their hearts were pounding as they finally reached the shore of the small lake.

The flashlight was dead.

The smooth surface of the water reflected the light from the starry sky.. it was their only light source now.

"I think we should just follow the shoreline around" Steven said "It's the only way we won't get lost again"

"Maybe we should just go back to camp now that we know where we are" replied Dan "then we can get more flashlights and hide out until morning when we walk out of here"

It was a 4 mile hike from their campsite to the logging road where darren Casshew had parked his truck only 12 hours earlier... now he was dead.

"No" said Steven, "whatever is out there knew were were at that camp.. they could be there right now, waiting for us.. and it is the opposite direction from Mr. Casshew's truck.. we are heading around the lake.

Saying Jim's dad's name.. make everyone wince, and tears and panic came to the surface again, Jim sobbed loudly and Dan & Craig tried to hush him, "we need to stay quiet Jimbo... " "we need to get out of here.. back home again" Dan whispered to his friend.

Steven said "okay, lets head out .. stick together, stay quiet, try to think clearly and keep it together.. lets go"

The 4 boys headed out stepping over waterlogged branches and slippery rocks.

Craig was thinking all too clearly... it dawned on him that they didn't have the keys to Mr. Casshew's truck.. but he didn't want to mention it right this moment, he didn't want to kill all hope"

Steven was thinking to himself ~ Lets just get around the lake and when the sun rises we will walk out of here for help.. maybe we can figure out what the hell that crash was while we are over there, If we....


can just keep going....

SPLASH! One of the boys slipped into the water!

"Help!" came the garbled plea. No one could tell who had fallen, for the moon had slipped behind a cloud. The boys turned their heads as the woman's scream echoed through the night again. Then they noticed, there was no more splashing.


'Oh My God" "Oh My God ~ where is he???" the three boys waded into the frigid water together.. splashing, looking for their friend

Stephen looked around and noticed it was Dan who was missing "Dan!!!" he shouted "Dan!!!!??!"

"D-d-did y-you hear the woman?" Craig asked "did you hear her?? she screamed"

"I heard her" replied Stephen ""F*ck her, I want to find Dan"

Stephen was in the water up to his chest now... his whole body was pins and needles from the cold, his hands were under the surface feeling for anything, anything of his friend.

"He was right here, sh*t where did he go so fast.. he must be here"

Suddenly something brushed against his numbing hand... he groped desperately and felt hair and the top of a head... "He's here!! He's Here.. help me"

Craig splashed forward to help his friend, Stephen could not find what he had just felt underwater, it had been just out of his reach... or maybe he just imagined it.? He was so cold and his hands where stiff and painful.. he reached under the black water again and he felt something... "I think I have him..." he gasped, he gripped the hair and pulled the object the water...

it was the head of his friend...

"Aghhhhhhhh" he screamed....... "Aghhhhhhhhh"

"What???" yelled Craig.. he edged closer and he too saw Dan's decapitated head hanging from Stephen's grasp... "

"whats happening?" Jim called from the shallow water...he could not see the other boys... he was trembling, he couldn't feel his feet.. he looked around nervously, feeling like he was being watched...

"Drop it" whispered Craig to Stephen... "Just let it go, Stephen.. for christsakes.. let it go..."

The moon came out from behind the cloud and Stephen saw the horror that he gripped in his hand, Dan's eyes were gone... empty sockets, his neck was ragged and his mouth gaped open, Stephen could see his tongue lolling out over a row of broken teeth.. what the hell happend to him???

Stephen released the abomination and it slipped under the water out of their view...

Craig grabbed Stephen's arm and pulled him towards the shore, they could barely walk from cold, Jim was waiting on the shore...

"What happened?" Jim demanded "did you find him? is he dead? did he drown?

The other two boys could not form the words to tell Jim what they had just wtnessed, they collapsed on the rocky shore their frozen legs unable to support their weight.

"Jim" Stephen gasped... "we need to know everything you heard, everything your Dad said to your mom.. about the hunters?... think, what else did he say?.. there must have been something????"

Jim looked up at the sky.. trying to think, he noticed the horizon was lightening behind the treeline, dawn would break in the next hour or so....

"Jim!" Stephen spat out his name... "tell us.. start from the beginning"

Craig was freezing, the cold had hit him harder then any of them.. he could barely feel his legs. He remembered he had matches in a ziplock bag in his jacket...

"Jim.. I can't walk... get some wood and we will build a fire....we need to warm up if we want to get out of here."

"Does anyone have a knife?" asked Stephen... this thing out there..the screaming lady...she....it's picking us off one by one... we need to be ready for it the next time... maybe we can make some weapons.. sharp sticks, or something..."

Jim went to get some dry brush, he was terrified, he had lost his Dad and he didn't know where his friend Dan was- the other boys had not told him what they were yelling about in the water.

He returned with the wood and took the plastic bag of matches from Craig's shaking hands..... he was trying to think of what he had heard his Dad and Mom talking about... whenever he thought of his Dad his whole body ached... his Dad was his best friend.

Jim was able to get the kindling going and soon a small warm fire was buring, he saw the flames reflected in stephen and craig's eyes, they were watching him.. waiting for him to tell them what he knew...


Back at Darrens house Mrs Casshew was like a cat on a hot tin roof, it was so hard to say goodbye to them as they set off on the hunting trip she begged Darren not to go up there, how could he take the boys there knowing what he knew, but all he kept saying was "It was along time ago don't worry" she couldn't sit around any longer, she would have to go up there, she grabbed a flashlight and her truck key's, as she went down the hall to the front door she could see the gun cabinet in the front room, there was one shot gun in there but it was locked, no time to look for key's she smashed the glass door and took the gun and a box of shells.

Lake Kickitoomee was only a couple of hours away, she drove as fast as she could, she came to the turn off and took the dirt road to where she thought Darren would have gone, it was spooky on this dirt road but she just had to get there, Darrens truck was parked in a small rest area, no one was around and the truck looked OK, this made her feel better as now she knew in what direction they would have gone, she took the flash light and put some shells in the shot gun, locked the truck and started to walk into the woods and...........


suddenly started feeling very silly!

She stopped for a moment to consider her actions. She, a grown woman was acting like the unwitting heroine of your basic horror flick.. maybe this was a crazy idea?

Darren would think she was nuts to have come all this way. She felt sick to her stomach and absolutely ridiculous... for a moment.... but then as she watched the Eastern sky lightening with the onset of dawn her mother's intuition twigged and she knew without a doubt something was terribly wrong.

She continued to walk through the clearing to where she thought the lake was..she was thinking back to what Darren had told her years earlier after attending a funeral for his elderly uncle. Poor Uncle Bill had been institutionalized since 1989, haunted, his mind tortured about what had happened to him and his hunting buddies up near this very lake.

Most of the time since the night he was found near death, impaled on a tree limb, Uncle Bill was in a catatonic state. Occasionally though, he would rouse and fill the air with the deranged ramblings from his confused mind.

He spoke of a woman in white, by the side of the road... waving for heip.. but they didn't see her on time... he spoke of a woman and blood, blood of her and her groom on their honeymoon that never happened.

It was an accident he would insist, to anyone who would listen, we didn't mean to hit them... we didn't know they were there.. it was the drink and the laughter... we didn't mean to kill them.

Around town, hushed whispers spoke of a shallow grave that was found, a man and a woman.. his bride.... the two hidden from view still embracing each other as they decomposed.

"We didn't want to go to jail" uncle bob would cry.. they weren't from around here.. no one would know.. thats what we thought! We made a pact to never speak of it.... but she came for us... she came, she came from the ground, she came fo us alll... Tony, Buddy, Jake... oh my god... she came for them... and she came for me....

Jill Casshew had goosebumps up her spine and arms... she shivered as she remembered the story Darren had relayed about his crazy uncle on the night he was laid to rest.

No one had believed his ramblings of the woman in white, until 10 years later when the bride and groom were found, this the very night he commited suicide by slicing his eyes from his head and bleeding to death on the cold floor of his room.


As Jill made her way towards the lake, the boys were huddled together around their small fire. Jim was remembering... he was coming up with bits and pieces, things he hadn't thought of in years... Craig and Stephen were taking it all in, wondering if the "bride of death" was still here in the woods.


"But it can't be her," Craig replied. "No way. IF there was a crazed bride of death, she already got her revenge with your Uncle and his friends. Why in the heck would she be bothering us. It makes no sense. We didn't do anything to her. And why now, after all of these years, why is she back???"

"Yeah" Jim continued, "and my dad, why my dad and Dan? They weren't involved. What the heck is going on here!"


"Remember the crash?" Stephen said suddenly "The crash.. the crash we heard just before all this started??"

The other two boys nodded..

"Well" Stephen continued "it was a strange sound, out of place for the woods and now I realize what it was"

"What??" asked Craig and Jim simultaneously "What was it??"

Stephen's face drained of all colour

"It was.. it was.. the sound, the sound of a wreck... a car wreck, a car crash?? remember? it was like skidding tires and crunching metal..and a thud ~ it was that accident all over again, the one that killed the bride and her groom"

The boys stared at each other over their little fire in the woods...

"It's happening again" said Jim "thats what my Dad said to Dan" Jim whispered "it's happening all over again and to run."


But they did not take dad's advice, they did not run. They wanted to stay and solve the mystery.......


They sat there for quite awhile just staring at the fire. The sun had come up and it made them feel a lot better, it wasn't so scary now that they could see, Craig broke the silence and said, no one will come looking for us till after Sunday night that's when Darren said we would go home and Mrs Casshew was going to have supper ready for us. So we are on our own. Now we have two options, we can run like hell or we can go see who or what killed Darren and Dan". Jim said "lets take a vote, I say we look for the killer".


They rose to their feet, shakily.... stiff and sore after the combination of icy cold water and damp rocky earth, but they were alive and they were together, thats all that mattered now.

"Which way?" asked Craig.. he had walked a few feet away from the other boys trying to stretch his stiff legs.

Like a bat out of hell, she came.

An apparition of ghostly white, a long gown stained with rusty red, her face was ashen, like white wax save the black emptiness of her eyes. Her hands were knarled and her fingernails clawlike. In one hand she held something shiny that reflected the sunlight.

The bride of death shrieked a shrill chorus, a sound that pained their eardums and paralyzed them. Jim urinated all over himself, frozen, rooted to the spot.

As her ungodly scream rose again the boys snapped out of their terror and scrambled away but Craig was not fast enough and he was hit squarely in mid chest by the large camp axe.

The blow knocked Craig to his knees and he looked down disbelievingly at his chest....a bloodstain rapidly spread across his white cotton tee shirt..

No!!!! screamed Stephen and he ran towards his injured friend

"Why??" he shouted at the woman in white "Why?? are you doing this to us??" she stared at Stephen and raised her hand to point at him, he felt her eyes boring into his and then she vanished, dissipated like a fog before him.

Craig moaned and doubled over... Stephen collapsed beside him, holding Craig, whispering to hm that it was going to be okay. He tried to get Craig to sit up but noticed blood was bubbling up from Craig's mouth as he gasped for air.

"Jim! help me" Stephen called, but when he turned his head Jim was no where to be seen.

He felt Craig's body shudder in the throws of death and then he was still.... all was still, not a bird, not a breath of wind, not a sound from the woods.... Stephen was alone.


At first Jim had been paralyzed with fear, but when he saw what was taking place right in front of him he turned and began to run. The sounds of the events unfolding behind him echoed in his ears while he ran through the woods, oblivious to the branches tearing his body to shreds with no destination in mind, just running from fear, running from her....... running, tripping, falling, running, tripping, falling. Until at last, totally exhausted, he fell again, but this time, with his energy spent, both emotionally and physically, he just lay where he fell.

His eyes heavy from lack of sleep, closed.

"Darren, Jim", he heard someone calling. As he began to rouse he realized it must be his mother, calling him to get up for school. All too quickly he realized he was not at home, safe in his bed, and the events from the previous evening returned all too quickly.

Was he imaging it, or had he really heard his mom calling him. Lying there on the forrest floor, trembling once again from fear, he began to cry. It was only then that he heard his name being called again, above his sobs and in the distance.... "Darren, Jim, boys, where are you. Answer me if you hear me."


Jill Casshew.. shotgun in hand reached the shore of Lake Kickittoome. She repeatedly called out her husband's and son's names but to no avail. Jill strained her ears for the sound of a voice, she squinted her eyes against the morning sun looking for any sign of camp across the lake. Suddenly she noticed a small whisp of smoke trailing up though a break in the trees... a campfire maybe?

She started off around the lake...when she heard something move behind her.

She wheeled around... "Darren??" she called out to the direction of the sound "Jim?" "Guys this isn't funny... come out if you are there" she demanded.

Then Jill saw her.

A woman emerging from the woods, she floated smoothly over the uneven ground towards her. Jill gasped when she saw the woman's face she must have been beautiful once, but now... oh my god.. it was like looking death in the eye... or worse.

She recalled Darren's voice in her head... and the words "Bride of Death" the story came back to her again ~ it was playing out before her eyes...

Jill raised the shotgun to her shoulder and took aim, the apparition still moved towards her slowly, in a non threatening way... almost as if it wanted something.

The shotgun blast nearly knocked Jill off her feet and the bullet exploded from the chamber point blank at the bride of death.

The ghostly woman showed no reaction but the tree behind her splintered at the bullet hit it's trunk.. branches falling, birds screeching and the monstrous bride continued towards Jill unaffected...

Jill reloaded and fired again, the bullet passed through the woman in white... and exploded the brush & woods behind her.... again and again she loaded more shells and fired again.. at the ghost's head, her body, her legs but every bullet just passed through and devestated the trees behind her.

Jill backed away and then turned and ran.... her heart was pounding in her chest... she heard a horrifying shriek behind her and she knew the thing was following and gaining on her. What the hell did it want??

Jim and Stephen had both heard the shotgun blasts from the lakeside and they both had the same thoughts.. someone was here to rescue them.. there was hope. Simultaneously they broke in to runs towards where the sound had originated.

Stephen spotted Jim up ahead of him.... "Jim" he called "Jim!!"

Jim turned and saw Stephen, they embraced... "It's okay bud, did you hear the gunshots? someone is here to help.. come on" The boys ran shoulder to shoulder along the rocky shoreline and both caught sight of Jill Casshew in the distance ahead of them.

"Mom!!!!!!" Jim shouted "Mommmm!!' he started crying, crying like a baby at the sight of his Mother. "Mrs. Casshew!!" Stephen greeted her waving his arms to get her attention... suddenly he noticed something was not quite right about her appearance.

Jim did not notice anything he was just overjoyed to see her there... Steven grabbed his arm and said "wait.. wait a minute' The slowed down maybe 20 feet from where she stood facing them.

"Mrs. Casshew?" Stephen asked "are you okay?"

"I am fine" she replied.. her voice sounded thick and slurred... "Come to me my love" she said

"My Love?" Stephen repeated

"Come to me my husband" she called in the odd, eerie voice

"Mom" Jim said "Mom...." he was sobbing now "Dad... he's gone, he died" Jim could barely speak the words to tell his Mom.

"Come to me my husband" Jill repeated in the monotone voice.. she did not sound like Jill Casshew.

"She must be in shock" Stephen said to Jim.. they approached her gingerly and noticed her eyes were glazed and dark, she was very pale...

Jill Casshew raised the rifle to her shoulder in the boy's direction.. "Mom!" Jim called out "put the gun down.. it's okay, we are here.... just put the gun down, it's okay"

Those were the last words young Jim Casshew spoke as his mother fired the shotgun and his head split open like a ripe canteloupe.

Stephen was hit by the blood and gore of Jim's shattered face, the bullet had hit Jim right between the eyes.

Stephen screamed....and sunk to the ground ~ he knew he was next.. he realized that the Bride of Death had possesed Jill Casshew... they were one and the same now. He lowered his head and waited for the shotgun blast to take him too... but it never came.

"Come my husband, come to me" she spoke softly almost gently.

Stephen looked up and saw she was talking to the area of the woods to his left. Stephen welcomed death now... anything was better than this living nightmare.

"Tell me why" he implored the figure of Jill Casshew. "If you are going to kill me anyway then please just tell me why"

She turned her head slowly back to where Stephen sat huddled on the ground and she spoke.

"The last blood relative of the man who murdered me is now dead" as she spoke her hand signaled to the crumpled remains of Jim Casshew.

"I can have my peace now" she continued "I can have my wedding dance"

Stephen heard something from the woods and turned to look... he gasped at the horror... the figure of a man, a broken one at that... his arms were severed at the elbows and one leg was bent at an unnatural angle at the knee.. he was dragging it behind him as he pulled himself ackwardly towards them.

He was dressed in the remnants of a tattered suit... a silk bow tie still at his neckline and polished pearl buttons on his shirt... a wedding suit, the attire of a Groom. He was caked with dirt and damp earth like he had just come out of the ground.

"Kill me" Stephen begged the woman... "just kill me"

Stephen did not want to see anymore of this thing limping out of the woods ~ but he felt it's approach with a sense of dread and understanding Stephen knew it wanted his body just like the Bride of Death had taken Jill Casshew.


Years later


There is a new legend at lake Kickittoome now.

The area has come alive again, campers, hikers, hunters and fishermen come here... kids play in the water and families explore the woods... there is a story though, told at campfires and many say it is true.

On a certain night, if the moon is just right you can see it..

The Wedding Dance.

A couple, in love embrace each other and float across the misty lake like it was a ballroom dance floor, an older woman and a younger man in each others arms for eternity.

The woods are quiet again.

The End
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Spooky Campfire Story

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That was amazing Cass! I was completely captivated. Even scared...but don't tell anyone.
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Spooky Campfire Story

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koan wrote: That was amazing Cass! I was completely captivated. Even scared...but don't tell anyone.Oh Yeahhhhhhh:guitarist

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