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Something More

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A frailty that beckons a loving hand

To pick up the pieces of shattered trust

A passion that beckons a hungry soul

To meet the strength of unbridled lust

A tear drop sliding down a cheek

Or the sweat gliding over flesh

The product of a yearning life

As body and soul learn to mesh

Valleys and hills along the road

A backpack full of fear

The challenge must be met alone

Sometimes the price is dear

But when the journey seems too far

And the end is not in sight

Someone always comes along

And helps to win the fight.

Is it fate or is it chance

That the path winds where it does?

Not alone we search the world

For meaning and for cause.

And in the end an epitaph

Engraved upon a stone

Announces that the life within

Was more than flesh and bone.
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Something More

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Another powerful and thought provoking piece by the Garden's undisputed queen of poetry. No deep-thinking person will read this poem and remain the same. Coan, you've captured my whole mind, heart and soul. To say I love you will be a gross understatement because it goes beyond that.
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Something More

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Thank you Koan. :yh_shamrk

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