My Blackened Heart

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My Blackened Heart

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My Blackened Heart

As I wake the darkness falls
I struggle with the fight
To grab my heart, to break it free
And take it to the light
The darkness overcomes my mind
And comes out from my eyes
It covers everyone I see
Makes them evil and full of lies
My anger erupts from my mouth
And eats their fleshy parts
These are the ill results
Of my cold and blackened heart

My second heart, the blackened one
That stays out of sight
My evil heart, the angry one
with rage as dark as night
It sits and hangs poised to strike
Waiting for the toll
For the evil voice to call out
The one I can't control

The voice is hot and full of rage
It's howling from a younger age

As I stand alone in the circle of my mind
Quietly the voice comes up from behind
And with the strength of a thousand winds
Breathes life back into the heart again

I draw my sword I want to fight
This evil voice dark as night
Then the voice emerges from a hole
A gigantic void burned in my soul

It stands in the shadows, it spreads it's wings
With eyes of fire, it's voice it sings
To the heart it cries out with great power
"Now is the time, the day, the hour!
Kill this man! Destroy his life!
Self destruct! Take up the knife!
Now's the time for ME to rule!
With my blackened heart, my bloody tool!"

And as I fall upon my knee
I look at it and I can see
This horrible creature, this viscious fiend
Is coming forth from the shadows to be seen
As my heart rots inside of me, I'm stunned as I see
This ruthless monster actually is me

As I stare at the beast
Looking into it's eyes
Something comes forth from the glow
With the color of the skys
It rolls down it's face and falls
But before it hits the floor
This one single tear drop
Becomes an open door
It draws me in, back to my life
And closes fast behind
I reach for my chest
Two hearts beating is what I find

I'm back, I'm in control
My life is mine
Until the voice
Comes back another time

Death is more universal than life. For although everyone dies, not everyone truly lives.
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My Blackened Heart

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Gosh, I hope you don't sleepwalk. :wah:

This was very fun to read. I used to do special effects. I have a reference folder full of gore and have "killed" over 200 people. There is nothing like living out the dark side in a safe and often silly way. I wish more people would express their dark side so it doesn't continue dwelling in secrecy. Good on you.

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