Poetry contest?

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Poetry contest?

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Unfortunately, I think it is a scam to make money. I entered a poetry contest many years ago and was one of the 'finalists'. I even purchased the book, although I was sure by then it was a come-on. After many false starts (printing delays, etc), I finally received the book..incidently a decent soft cover, well bound. The print was a little sleazy... and found that probably every poem that was entered had been a 'finalist. Some of it was REALLY BAD The book was $22, and they 'reserved' five more for me to give to family and friends. Needless to say I didn't take advantage of that offer!!

Many poetry contests these days DO charge a fee to enter, something like $3 a poem, or $10 for as many as you want..that kind of fee... and ask for a SASE if you want a response. Those contests are usually sponsored by University publications, writers' groups, magazines or newspapers, or other entities that have a track record.

Names like Great Poets of America or some such are usually fly-by-night.

But the only way you'llever really know for sure is to try it!! Every poet needs one such experience in his career to make him aware of what's out there.

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