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I can still hear those chilling words"Women and children first"

This was the first boat ride I ever took

I had to make my presence known to feed my unquenchable thirst

People think our existence only comes from a book.

Everyone thinks it's far fetched we really exist

Not able to conceive vampires are real

Under the spell of a vampire you just can't resist

Melting into a vampire's arms, submitting to our very will.

At first on this voyage my victims were easy

No one ever thinking something horrible like me is real

Taking what I needed here was very very easy

No one had any idea the likes of me they would have to deal.

Especially at night my victims were easy to steal

Usually at night it is very foggy making it hard to see

To sustain my life I really hate to kill

But I'm greedy, I will try and survive any way I can, see.

On this ship about ten souls were inducted into the undead

You thought if you evacuated the ship it would stop my murderous intent

Evacuating the ship my thirst could not be fed

We were to close to shore, putting into their plans a little dent.

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