Dooley The Easter Possum

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Dooley The Easter Possum

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Dooley the Easter ‘Possum

Dooley loved his hollow tree

Which is fine if you’re a ‘possum

It may not suit you or me

But Dooley’s tree was awesome

Old and gnarled but very stout

It sheltered from the wind

Kept the winter chilly’s out

And kept our Dooley in

It had rugs and window shades

And all the modern fixtures

A comfy bed so neatly made

And walls all hung with pix’tures

An eight by ten of Mom‘n’ Dad

In black and white so glossy

A color shot of Sis in plaid

Now doesn’t she look saucy

But Dooley sighed a wistful sigh

Poor lad was sad indeedy

No ‘possum’ette lingered nigh

Young Dooley had no sweetie

With Easter just a day away

Dooley felt so lonely

No playing ‘possum games so gay

For Easter’s ceremony

No one to share the Grand Parade

Or help him hunt for eggs

Just him to scurry ‘round the glade

On scrambled little legs

But Dooley failed to think about

One thing he surely had

Friends to come and help him out

Friends that loved the lad

Easter morn came clear and bright

But Dooley’s day was cloudy

Until his friends came in sight

And one by one said “Howdy”

Miss Chick brought Dooley toothpaste

Bunny brought shampoo

Goosey, in the greatest haste

Stopped by and did his ‘doo

They helped young Dooley comb his hair

And wash his ‘possum face

Buttoned buttons with special care

With nothing out of place

Foxy brought him sunglasses

To make our boy more handsome

Dooley feared he’d miss the lasses

And decided not to chance ‘em

A ribbon of the palest blue

Was sent by Monkey’s uncle

“But who will tie a bow for you”

And Donkey cried “Skunk’ll”

So off they strode down the road

With baskets full of candy

Eggs and peeps and mallows stowed

In colored straw so dandy

And soon the cheery little band

Reached the village green

Where on a flowered viewing stand

Stood Blossom the Easter Queen

A tiara graced the lovely head

Of smiling Queen, Miss Blossom

Shyly Dooley’s cheeks turned red

Miss Blossom was a ‘possum!

She grinned at him and he at her

And before the day was over

They pic-nicked sweetly, as it were

In flowing fields of clover

Blossom bat her eyes at him

And caused his heart to flutter

Dooley calmed his shaking limbs

And tried hard not to stutter

They got along so very well

That soon our ‘possum friends

Heard the ringing wedding bells

And there our story ends.

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