Health warning.............

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Health warning.............

Post by Arena »

So they are talking about health warnings on booze.

I thought they had them,when I was young.....

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Health warning.............

Post by FourPart »

Doctors will confirm that a bottle of stout a day is actually beneficial for the heart. When my father was in hospital having his bypass ops, they would come round with the 'Beer Trolley' as it would be part of their medication.

Everything in moderation though. Excess of anything can be bad for your health - even dieting. What about the top sportsmen who have dropped dead of heart attacks while on the field? Obviously drinking in order to get drunk is going to be harmful, but with that sort of mentality is anyone really going to take any notice of a few silly health warnings.

Personally I have my doubts that the Health Warnings on cigarettes really had any benefit to there being fewer people smoking. It's probably more likely to be the increase in price, putting them in plain packages, keeping them under the counter, and the turning of the tide as to social acceptability & general peer pressure. These days it is 'cool' for kids NOT to smoke.
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Health warning.............

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I had occasion to be in A & E last saturday, I suspect every drunk in there was well aware of the health effects of drink before they started dinking themselves silly and needed immediate treatment. Some of them may not be so ready in future.
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Health warning.............

Post by Saint_ »

It is to laugh. Does anyone really think that will have even the most microscopic effect on the consumption of alcohol, a hobby of mankind's for over one hundred thousand years? Not bloody likely. (See: Prohibition)

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