Do you have an idea for a remembrance campaign?

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Do you have an idea for a remembrance campaign?

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On March 5th 2003 Asaf, a young high school boy was on his way back from school. A suicide murderer that exploded on Asaf's bus killed him and sixteen other innocent men, women and children.

Asaf was almost seventeen years old and he is my son.

My main attention since then is on commemoration. I am trying to tell about Asaf and make as many people as possible in the world to know him.

In 2007 on April 27th we remembered Asaf's 21st birthday.

As every Israeli young man does, Asaf would have finished his military service and would have gone on a trip to see the world either to south America, the far east, India or maybe Australia and New Zealand.

Ever since Asaf died when ever I go on trips inside Israel or travel abroad I bring back with me a stone. When I go abroad I look for a stone from a nice place, from a park or from a famous site. I brought back a stone from lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, from lake Ontario in Canada, from the Niagra falls, new York's Central park, Helsinki, London and many other places.

With each stone I lay on Asaf's tombstone I fill I bring the world to him, I feel as if I took Aaaf with me and brought the experience of that place to him.

Beginning of 2007 I sent out a letter on the Internet asking people from all over the world to send me stones, People responded and I got nearly 700 letters with 1000 stones from 70 countries.

Asaf may not be able to go and travel the world, So this way I brought the world to him for his 21st birthday on April 27th this year, one stone at a time.

I am looking for the next campaign. For an idea that will help me bring Asaf to more people and that will help people to remember him.

Please write me and suggest ideas that you have tried or even ideas that you haven’t.

Thanks a lot


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