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I've lost 3 family members of suicide.

My grandad in '85 (before I was born)

My uncle (his son) in '95

My uncle (my grandad's 2e son) in 2009

They all hung themselves. They were all depressed or bi-polar. My brother is seeking treatment for a possible bi-polar disorder at the moment. Hopefully this will work out for him.

I guess you could say it runs in the family. To put things straight, I would never commit suicide. I take after my fathers side of the family to much (thank god).

The old question is: why would someone take to committing suicide anyway?

My uncle who died in 2009 I guess was depressed (he had some counseling). Seemed fine. Told me he would see me again soon and that I should come round more often (they live in england, i live in the Netherlands), Told his mum he was off to work that day and never came back. He'd hung himself on the tree next to the one that his little brother's ashes were scattered.

A dog walker tried to save him. He was still alive at that point but as far as we know died in the ambulance.

I've never cried, but do think of them every day and wonder why they would do something like that.
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There is a bridge over a gorge about forty minutes drive from where I stay. Because of it's height and the jagged rocks below it, it is a "favorite" means of committing suicide for people that way inclined.

Four CCTV cameras are mounted on the bridge and telephones which are monitored by trained counsellors from Suicides Anonymous are at each end of the bridge. Vehicles are forbidden to stop on or near the bridge. Despite all these precautions 81 people have jumped off this bridge since it's construction.

What I am saying is that the desire to commit suicide is unlikely to be hereditary. Bi-polar/depression is of course one of many factors that could contribute to making a person wish to end their life.

And if and when they decide to do so, nothing will stop them.
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Post by Lon »

I have often wondered why people choose a particular way to commit suicide. As a young man I worked in a Coroners Office in a large city and was witness to the results of a shot gun blast in the mouth (head gone of course), a jumper off a very high bridge, another off a 13th floor of a hotel, sleeping pills, hanging, revolver to the head.
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Hi Chloe...glad to hear you are on the other side of the family!

Welcome to The Garden.

Lady J :)
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Post by koan »

My psycho sister in-law tried to kill herself twice this year. My brother finally got custody of their three kids via Child Services. She's a piece of work, I tell you. The kids are lucky she tried to kill herself, though, despite some consideration over whether or not it would have been better if she'd succeeded, they're lucky they didn't have to face actual death at a young age.

My ex-husband wanted to kill himself.

I'm awaiting diagnosis as bipolar and I ruled out suicide long ago as an option. To hell with having to come back. I'd never give any of my detractors the satisfaction. I'd rather talk them to death when I'm manic.

So, what makes someone kill themselves? Insurmountable humiliation, personal embarrassment, lack of faith in a greater purpose, lack of faith in personal value, inability to cope with or accept pain... there could be lots of reasons.

Not sure why anyone would choose a painful death over a peaceful one outside of available means.

That being said, when I'm low I'd still rather watch reruns on the comedy channel and admit I'm a bad housekeeper than leave my kid without someone to drive her to school in the morning. So, what do I know?
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Post by Chloe_88 »

It's funny (not in a Ha Ha sort of way) that in my family it's happend to the people you least expect.

I guess that's always the way though.

@ Lon: it must be horrible to be a witness of people who have committed suicide. But like you said I wonder why some people choose a particular way to commit suicide. Something they've seen on TV or something to do with daily life?
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Post by Chloe_88 »

When I was discussing suicide with my mum yesterday she told me a story she read of:

A long time ago;

A man turned up at the vets to put down his dog. He was moving to scotland (from somewhere in england) because of a new job.

After a while of discussing, the vet put the dog "rusty" down. The guy took his dog "rusty" home in his suitcase (? mmm ok weird).

The man hadn't talked to people in a while so they went looking for him.

They found the man hanging from his dog's lead in his own home with a note: I've gone to be with "rusty".

After that they found all this belongings packed up and stickered to whom the contence of that box had to go to.

He basically planned it out....

Considering he'd hung himself with his dog's lead, I would say this case had an obvious daily aspect to it.

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