Death of mother...

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Death of mother...

Post by DusanS »

The only child, child with no brothers, or sisters, knows the best how painful it can be, the only child of his parents, knows best when both parents are gone, how he feels....

The only child prays most than anybody for his parents health, well being, while they were still alive,

And after all is gone, there is nothing left, nothing at all, but grim reality, and enlightement comes, veil comes off eyes, some people would say "keep praying", if not, it may happen to you or your children, keep living in fear and do NOT disrespect HIM, the "allmighty"...keep praying and you may be lucky enough to end up in "heaven"....not hell

I wonder if those people in Haiti, for example, hundreds of thousands killed, women, children, God fearing people, what THEY should do? keep on praying?

Their arch bishop died,

irony of life, when you lose everything you love, you start to realize that none of this religious things make any sense at all, there is no point, look at a big picture, this planet is just a little speck of dust suspended in big empty space, big nothingness, and we all worry what happens in our little lifes...religios madness can not be tolerated any more, people are killing each other, millons are dying for religious believes, and how many more until we realize that religion must be abolished?

We are all humans, and differences between us, are making us kill each other, slaughter all over history, past and present, like palestine, like Israel, we can't answer on someone else religious fanaticism, with our own fanaticism, in that case its a vicious circle, we kill them, they kill us, and so on, and so on...never ending

Neither we can kill them all, neither they can do it, and it is time to realize that painful concessions must be made in order to stop wars, and terrorists, and madness, young children are taught hate in school books among many religious groups, new hate is being made every single second in the world, and all that for what?

Promotion of its own religious beliefs?

what is the point?

"My God is better than yours", "my God is real God, and yours is fake"?, "we ARE chosen people by the God, and you are not"?

All this hatred among people, among equal humans is insane, all this madness must stop!

Some people would say: "Man is no God"

Jesus was man, st.Peter was man, Moses was man, buda was man, actually everyone ever mentioned in bible, and all other religious books were humans, just like you and me...

Now, you really want to see God? go in front of the mirror, take a good look, and you will see God, among all our unperfections, and faults, we ARE the most progressive species in the Universe.

If scientists ever discover any other life forms in space, it will be life seen under the microscope, so far we are the most perfect beigns on this planet and far beyond.

And since we never seen actual God, but we did all the killings, masacres, tortures, in his name, time has come to abolish organized religion, remove bloody differences among us, and live life without hate, and violence.

Catholic church is nothing more but multi billion dollar corporation, empire, rich and powerful, would Jesus live like that?

No, he had cheap robes, he never accepted material life, and if you wonder "what would Jesus do"?

if he sees all this hatred, murders, when he sees all the misery in the world, and what happened of people, he would say: In my name no one should kill, against my name no one should kill another human being,

...abolish this shameful organized religion, give churches to homeless, crowns adorned with diamonds, saphires, rubies, give to the poor, and pray if it is your personal choice, but in privacy of your own homes...

All human beings are created equal, and no religion should stand between them, no nationality, no goverment, should make divisions among people, therefore, we should abolish all religions, all goverment, and all nationalities in the name of human race, and towards achivement of ultimate personal freedom among all people in the world.

It is ultimate and necessary sacrifice we must make to stop wars, to break down walls that divide us, and finish this bloody chapter of human history.

It is to be recognized as "Sacrifice", the great final arhitecture, of all human beings of the world, holding hands together, free at last, sprang free from their own differences, their confusions, free from hate, free from fear, free from another human, and from goverment itself....only thing that is left, is society, judiciary arm of goverment, with no borders, no dividers, no bariers, one world, one country, one nationality, with everyone to keep their religions beliefs to themselves, and inside of their respective homes.

Jesus would love this concept of human society.

And it is inevitable development, that must happen rather sooner, than later.

We are still in the process of evolution, our brains evolve much faster now with every new generation, introduction of computers, and many other gadgets in our every day life, it is becoming increasingly obvious that after watching news every day, that none of this make any sense any more, and that all this madness MUST STOP!

Freedom through abolition.

While my parents were alive, I still believed that with belief itself all will be resolved, but now it is reality of my day, that make me not to believe any more, but to try to achieve...

Equal harmony, nirvana itself... share enlightement
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Death of mother...

Post by Glaswegian »

DusanS;1290619 wrote: Catholic church is nothing more but multi billion dollar corporation, empire, rich and powerful, would Jesus live like that? No, he had cheap robes
And underwear.

It is clear from your post, DusanS, that you have looked reality in the face and realised that Religion is a lie, a very dangerous and destructive lie, and you want nothing more to do with it. It requires a considerable degree of honesty and moral courage to come to that realisation. Well done. If only there were more like you.
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Death of mother...

Post by DusanS »

I didn't want to single out any particullar religion, I believe that we came to the point where it does not matter any more if God exist, or not, whose religion is real one, and whose not, who is chosen, etc...

Human race in general was marginalized in all political activities of society in the past, it existed in shadows, never given any respect, while religious politicians were marching in names of their ideologies, fighting for domination and power...until september 11. when one the biggest achivements of human race, the twin towers, were destroyed in the name of religion.

Finally time has come for human race to rise from shadows and say, enough is enough, this is madness must stop, no more!

Hate creates more hate, and hate as such can not be supressed by force.

"dark can not drive out darkness, only light can do that...hate can not drive out hate, only love can do that" MLK.

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