Supercomputer Seeks Comeback

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Supercomputer Seeks Comeback

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Vector supercomputers -- the original mega-machines built for crunching massive quantities of data -- are once again widely available in the United States. But it's unclear how long they'll be in demand.

Less expensive commodity cluster machines now make up the bulk of supercomputers. However, some researchers wonder if the movement away from vector machines, which many consider more capable of handling exceedingly complex problems, might hurt future research.

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Supercomputer Seeks Comeback

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This thread started 12 years ago. China had 15 supercomputers in the list of the top 500, the top coming in at number 10, while the USA had 262 and possessed 6 of the top 10 machines.

This year China's latest top machine took top place, pushing out the previous list's leader which was also Chinese.

China has overtaken the US with 167 computers in the top 500 while the US has 165.

China builds world's most powerful computer - BBC News

All in just 12 years.

And this year's top machine processes in 15 seconds what the top machine 12 years ago ran in a year.
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