What a fix ! Ladies 1000 speed skating !

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What a fix ! Ladies 1000 speed skating !

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I have not felt so disgusted for such a long time. Elise Christie, the GBR ladies speed skating world champion has been penalised because a Chinese(I think) slid into her as she was progressing up the 'field' into second place in the semi finals. This unbalanced Elise and even though she nearly managed to keep her balance, she was thrown into the side wall. It seems that both those skaters have been penalised and are thus not into the final of the 1,000 metres ! The commentary team were scandalised when the results were announced as they felt certain that Elise would be advanced and therefore qualify for the final ! I just cannot believe what those so-called referees have done - it smacks at making sure the world champion doesn't get through for a chance of a medal ! In my opinion it's corruption and not in the interests of the Winter Olympics. Elise Christie, for all to see in the video replay, was the victim of what may have been an accident, but she was certainly not to blame ! What are these so-called judges thinking about FFS ? It's corrupt IMO !!!! That poor girl will be devastated - I don't know if there is such a thing as an appeal in the Winter Olympics.
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What a fix ! Ladies 1000 speed skating !

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That is a tough one Gill. I don't think they have appeals or "do-overs"

It's a shame since most of these athletes spend their entire lives living for this one moment. I know I would feel cheated.
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What a fix ! Ladies 1000 speed skating !

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One Second the race was for 1000 metres Speed Skating


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