Wimbledon Gentlesman's Singles Champion.

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jones jones
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Wimbledon Gentlesman's Singles Champion.

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Never been a big fan of Andrew Barron "Andy" Murray. Always found him to be rather dour ... well he is a Scot after all. However I always give credit where it is due and he pulverised Djokovic in three sets on Sunday.

The Djokovic camp will no doubt point to their man's mammoth semi-final against del Potro 24 hours or so earlier, which must have taken its toll.

But that isn't Murray's problem ... he beat the number one seed fair and square and won the title ... first Brit to do so in 77 years! Awesome!

Bet of he was English he'd be knighted next April, 'cept he's rather young at 26 to be called Sir Andrew.

"S tu rinn math! Andy Murray."
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Oscar Namechange
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Wimbledon Gentlesman's Singles Champion.

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It is truly a remarkable feat. It's the first time In 77 years that a Scottish man has stayed out In the sun for 4 hours without getting burnt.
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