millwalls shame/ the LA brawlers.. the AA grumpy column

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the grumps
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millwalls shame/ the LA brawlers.. the AA grumpy column

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hello and welcome to another double wash basin full of carbolic grumpy.

millwall,s supporters brought the english shame of football hooliganism back to the terraces on saturday as they lost 2-0 to wigan

not only did they fight with the police but also amongst themselves causing families to run for cover leaving women and innocent children in tears on the terrace one smirking thug even stole a policemans hat thinking it as one big joke.

the police arrested 11 people after the match lets hope the courts make an example of them and not just dish out paltry sentences.

and on a lighter note over the pond they do things differently in the states

its the players that brawl not the fans.

WHEN San Diego's Carlos Quentin was hit by a wayward Zack Greinke pitch he decided to take matters into his own hands.

The Padres slugger dropped his bat before chanelling the spirit of a charging bull and heading straight at the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher.

With both benches emptying, the two men quickly found themselves at the bottom of a huge scrum and Greinke nursing a broken collarbone.

SLUGGER Carlos Quentin decides to fight back after being hit on the arm - and causes 50-man melee.:yh_rotfl:yh_rotfl
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Oscar Namechange
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millwalls shame/ the LA brawlers.. the AA grumpy column

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Nothing seems to change with Millwall. In my younger days, I clashed with them at The Goldstone Ground although I have to say In those days, the worst fans were Portsmouth.

Although once voted as the poshest footie fans, us Seagull devotees didn't chant ' ooo are yer? at them, more ' And you are whom?

I'm just ouraged at the spineless dick who punched the police horse In the face rather than the plod.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them. R.L. Binyon

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