Extreme Bag Jumping

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Extreme Bag Jumping

Post by tabby »


Only if I were making the jump from a burning highrise and even then I'd probably need a push!

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Extreme Bag Jumping

Post by YZGI »

Looks like fun. I'd do it.
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Extreme Bag Jumping

Post by halfway »

Yeah buddy!!!!!!!
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Patsy Warnick
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Extreme Bag Jumping

Post by Patsy Warnick »

couldn't do it

I don't have the dare devil in me any more..:-2

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Extreme Bag Jumping

Post by Lon »

I'm 78 and would do this Bag Jump.I did a regular Bungy Jump on my 65th birthday.
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Extreme Bag Jumping

Post by AnneBoleyn »

Hell no!
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Extreme Bag Jumping

Post by Bruv »

Made me feel proper queazy.

I used to swim well as a kid, swimming made me look as athletic as all the athletic lads, where I was never very athletic at all.

Dived off the top board twice, second time just to prove how uncomfortable I felt the first time......hated the falling feeling.
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Extreme Bag Jumping

Post by Snowfire »

I would definitely do it. I've both parachuted and bungee jumped.

I'd also like to do the one where you lie on one end of the bag and two people jump on the other end sending you high in the air....wooohoooo !
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Extreme Bag Jumping

Post by along-for-the-ride »

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