My Life as a Turkey

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My Life as a Turkey

Post by Snooz »

I had no idea PBS streamed free shows, what a treasure trove! Apologies to our non-American members, I don't think you can view these.

This is one of the most beautiful shows I've seen in some time... he's given a bowl of turkey eggs, incubates them and manages to get them all to imprint on him. It's simply amazing. I actually got teary when the first chick hatched.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Video: My Life as a Turkey | Watch Nature Online | PBS Video
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My Life as a Turkey

Post by Scrat »

I love Nature. It's one of the best documentary series ever made. I have too many favorites there to list but I remember one about blue whales, it was awesome.
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My Life as a Turkey

Post by valerie »

I saw that when it first was on, and truly one of the most touching

things I've ever seen. Some of those shots of him walking down the

road with them just really got to me.
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My Life as a Turkey

Post by flopstock »

I think it is fascinating that they just know which animals are dangerous to them.
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