Happy Dog-O-ween

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Lady J
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Happy Dog-O-ween

Post by Lady J »

I thought there was a place here for blogs....but could not find it....am I missing something?

so I figured I would just place this here.

these are pictures from the Dog Park that I work at part time.

some dogs don't like to be dressed up but some dogs do...and their owners as well!

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Happy Dog-O-ween

Post by abbey »

Cute, although the little doggie with the halo doesn't look too impressed. :wah:
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Happy Dog-O-ween

Post by tabby »

These came out really well! I love the little dog that looks like a schnauzer mix or maybe even a schnauzer with a wild haircut!
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Happy Dog-O-ween

Post by Snooz »

Greyhound with a jockey = classic.

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