The no-no kitty

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Wild Fire
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The no-no kitty

Post by Wild Fire »

Ok, obviously this cat is pissed or stressed, but I have NEVER heard a cat in ANY mood make sound like this!!! I laugh every single time I turn this one on.....

Cute Cat Saying 'No No No No' - YouTube

Can anyone tell me how to embed the video itself instead of just the damn link, please?
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The no-no kitty

Post by Snooz »

I'm lounging in bed with my laptop and my cat came over to watch it with me. She seems to be of the opinion there's something wrong with that cat and I agree.

Kitty is heavily salivating which in my experience is a precursor to vomiting. The noise is funny but you gotta wonder what the hell they're doing off camera to freak that cat out.

There's a video that makes me laugh of some guy loudly cussing at his cats, saying stupid sh*t like "what the f**k are YOU looking at, you bitch!?!" It's kind of awful and I'm too embarrassed to post it but it's funny as hell.

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