One of mine..

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One of mine..

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She can not be trusted In polite circles.

She Is a mean killing machine. Today's toll alone, 3 Frogs dead, 2 mortally wounded, two wild rabbits dead and several beef cattle frightened witless.

She can dig holes that would rival an escape tunnell out of Colditz.

She thinks the command to 'Get Down' Is a line from Brown Sugar.

She can launch herself from a tree Into the freezing river Avon and then 'pretend' she's In trouble for a joke on you.

She can take on the four Rottwielers who pass her gate on the way to their walk with no fear.

People In uniform cower from her.

She can shred a toilet roll In 2 seconds.

She can emit disgusting stenches from her rear end and then leave the room.

She can bully the cat Into submission.

She growls, snarls, threatens and menaces.

Then she'll look at you with a 'what me ??'

Who would think It ?

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