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Infraction for wackieN: Spammer

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Post: Drug dealer vehicles and the constitutionality of seized assets

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Original Post: Should the Eighth Amendment supersede the actions of law enforcement with regards to seizing drug dealer vehicles? Sure, they're great vehicles that are inexpensive at auction, but by purchasing, are customers giving police in legal arrears the thumbs up? Learn how to buy car things that are in ideal order.

Expect to see drug dealer automobiles at auction

Many automobiles are sold at auction that used to belong to drug dealers. The sales make it clear that drug dealers used to own the automobiles before the auction begins. The Butler County Sheriff’s auction in Hamilton, Ohio was a recent example of some drug dealer vehicles that could be acquired. Former University of Cincinnati and National Basketball Association basketball player Corie Blount was sentenced to prison a year ago due to narcotics. His 2004 Cadillac Escalade was sold in the auction. It also incorporated a black 1970 Chevette SS with racing stripes, a canary yellow 1969 Chevrolet Camaro and a candy apple red 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS.

“We appreciate any help the drug dealers can give us,” said Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones.

As a convenience to its readership, the Hamilton Journal-News referenced Government Surplus Auctions -, a prime source for locating government and law enforcement vehicle auctions - involving drug dealer cars and other property - nationwide.

Frauds with drug dealers

All drug trafficking and cash laundering is kept in an “underground economy” where things keep on moving. This is facilitated by dealers that have used fake liens to try and get drug dealer automobiles back. This scam usually involves the drug cash used to buy vehicles, according to City Paper.

There is no way to complete prevent the issue experts suggest. Maryland Assistant State’s Lawyer Rudolph Drayton is one of these professionals.

“After a while, it’s like being a doctor,” said Drayton. “You see similar patterns of illness, and it’s just a matter of how the illness was contracted.”

Constitutionality of drug dealer car seizure

Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Blog suggests that seizing drug dealer automobiles presents a possibly thorny constitutional issue, on both the state and federal amounts. In Ozark, Mo., police openly use SUVs seized from drug dealers. They even advertise this fact by reportedly affixing a bumper sticker on the back of the automobile that reads “This vehicle acquired by a drug dealer.”

Need a bad credit auto loan?

Bungalow Bill does point out that two wrong’s do not make a right, which is why the Missouri State constitution and the United States Constitution both believe that excessive bail “shall not be required, nor excessive fees imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” The Eighth Amendment of the criminals might be being broken.

“Aren’t these vehicles these government entities proudly proclaim are bought with someone else’s money really purchased through a racket that substitutes the word confiscation for the word theft while possibly violating the Eighth Amendment?” asks Bill. “How is it you turn over all your personal property rights when you commit a crime? Isn’t this a dangerous way to think?”

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