Infraction for katsung47: post inappropriate language or graphic: some members use this site at work

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Infraction for katsung47: post inappropriate language or graphic: some members use this site at work

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Post: Boston bombing a false flag, amputee was an actor

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Infraction: post inappropriate language or graphic: some members use this site at work

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Any repetition will result in a ban.

Original Post: Quote, "There's more. I recommend opening this image in a new window to be viewed along side my analysis.

This image was taken by a third party photographer seconds after the first explosion. There is clear evidence of false flag staging here. The man in the red coat and baseball hat on the right is kneeling down giving directions to the guy in the white T-shirt. Also looking to this pair for direction are the woman sitting to the right and the man in a hood and sunglasses who set up the double amputee prosthetics.

Notice the relaxed posture and face of the hooded man. Notice also the calm prepared posture of the woman sitting down on the bottom right. See how her shirt sleeve is severely torn, yet her skin underneath is clean and clear of injury and blood. From where she's sitting look right to the bottom right corner and you can see an unmarked bottle of fake blood.

Look to the left and see the cowboy hat man standing there doing nothing. This is the same man who will pretend to hold the tourniquet of the fake amputee actor later on. Look to center of the photo and you will see the african woman moving herself away from the amputee actor since her shielding him from camera's job is over. Next to her is a woman with red hair leaning on her elbow.

Compare this now with another photo taken seconds later. Putting them side by side is very helpful.

The man with the hood and sunglasses, who was just sitting up looking fine and healthy after fixing up the amputee actor's prosthetics, is now on his back being evaluated by two people. Notice the rips in his jeans have no sign of blood or injury on the skin. The woman with red hair however is in the exact same pose as a minute ago. Meanwhile the double amputee actor is completely ignored by everyone when he is clearly in the most dire need of attention. There is a small amount of fake blood around him where the african lady shielding him used to be, she has dissappeared. What happened to her? Compare this photo with the first in my post.

The african woman who was sitting up, shielding the hooded man and amputee actor's prosthetic rigging, giving hand signals, looking left and right, having no visible blood or injuries, is now covered in blood and strapped into a spine board stretcher.

In a real medical scenario the amuptee would receive immediate treatment or die from bleed out. The fact this actor woman is removed from the scene via stretcher while the double amputee is left on the ground is ludacris. He would be dead from blood lose before they could even begin spinal assessment procedures involved in moving a patient to a stretched. Not to mention his blood lose would be over five liters, enough to cover the entire scene around these people in a thick puddle.

From firsthand experience with trauma in the field of EMS work, this is not real. These are actors. This is all staged.


1. In original scene, there was no blood on amputee's feet and there was no blood on African woman's head. Both seen with blood in ending picture.

2. The amputee man should be the most severe wounded man. But it seems he was left alone. Was that settled in advance only his "rescue team" could touch him?

3. The last picture of the "cover up team discussion". That sunglass man reminds me of Mr. Parker's role in Sandy Hook case.

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