ForumGarden game: Splosh!

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ForumGarden game: Splosh!

Post by spot »

Google is basically putting the canal network of England and Wales on the map, and people will be able to put in a route and if it's appropriate to go by canal, they would go by canal," he said.

BBC News - Google Maps adds England and Wales's waterways to travel routes

ForumGarden invites guesses as to how long it will be before the first car driver reacts obediently to "In two hundred yards turn RIGHT onto the Grand Union". The nearest guess will be awarded five points, next nearest two points and the following three nearest guesses a point each.
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ForumGarden game: Splosh!

Post by Snooz »

Five minutes after it's implemented.
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ForumGarden game: Splosh!

Post by Clodhopper »

I'm claiming it's already happened, even before the canal network has been added:

"In two hundred metres turn left."

"Hmm. This doesn't quite feel like 200 metres, but it looks like the turning..."

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