The FG Game Show Forum Rules

This is where we play our home grown versions of the popular game shows you know and love.
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The FG Game Show Forum Rules

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This is a moderated forum area.

Ideas for new games can be mentioned in the idea thread here

If the idea warrants full discussion, it will be moved to a "Proposal" thread until the details are locked in.

If a proposal evolves into a Game Show the proposal thread will be closed when the game starts.

All Game Shows will have a Commentary thread where everyone not playing the game can post their feedback.

If you post a comment in a game thread that belongs in the commentary threads then it will be moved to the appropriate place. If a post disappears it has probably been moved to a different thread... or you hit "delete" instead of "enter"

If a Game requires more than one thread to play then a subforum will be created for it.

If a Game disappears it has been moved to its own subforum.

If you get confused about any of these rules or have questions post them here and I will try to answer them.

Note: this is not another game called "stump koan"
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The FG Game Show Forum Rules

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Yes its really nice i also follow the rules of that forum.
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