Nasty Neighbours

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Oscar Namechange
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Nasty Neighbours

Post by Oscar Namechange »

Hate thy neighbour! 60 per cent don't get on with next door, with reasons including noisy children and late night parties | Mail Online

I know we have done this before but come on, dish the dirt on your neighbours from hell.

I know every single person In my road and all are fantastic but..

My neighbour next door to me Is a complete and utter arsshole.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them. R.L. Binyon
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Nasty Neighbours

Post by LarsMac »

My neighborhood is great.

The younger couple across the way have two kids. They are quiet and friendly. If I had a complaint, it is that he goes to work at 4:30 AM, and when he takes his Harley, I wake up when he cranks it up. The sound of a Hog starting up always wakes me.

My Neighbors on the West are a couple in their 80's who have some great stories to tell. He used to race Bikes and touring cars. She was a Army Nurse during Korea and Vietnam.

Neighbor to the East, keeps to himself, unless he thinks I am not taking proper care of my yard, and then he has all sorts of advice, which I thank him for, and then ignore.

The neighbors behind, one guy is a retired fire fighter, and the other doesn't talk much about what he does, or did. They wave in passing, but that is about it.

Everyone else pretty much keeps to themselves, but they always have a smile and a wave when I am out walking Pitstop.

I really like my neighbors.
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Nasty Neighbours

Post by valerie »

Neighbors on one side are great, other side, not so much.

For a little over a year I've been dealing with the just-moved-back

mid 20's neighbor's son and all his noise. His mom had converted

his old bedroom to her use, and so now he has a guest room,

and the window is about ten feet away from mine. For some strange

reason, he likes to put his GF on SPEAKERPHONE for their approx.

hour and a half long chats. WHY? That's if she's not actually visiting,

and then I get to listen to both her giggles and his great Tom Hulce

Amadeus impersonation, you know, the hysterical/maniacal high

pitched laughter. Not funny. Not funny at all. I did talk to the mom

and she agreed to have him keep quiet after 11 p.m. and I put

blackout curtain in my window since he leaves a blazing overhead

light on all night, but it's still not very good sleep conditions to say

the least, and I resent the hell out of it. Wish he'd get a good job

and move back OUT.

Then there's his parents and their trashy ways, I get how things

can get away from people, it does for me quite often but at least

I keep stuff out of sight of others. They had kitchen redone MONTHS

ago, and there is still a piece of cracked and taped up granite just

leaning against the house. I finally got him to agree to a fix up of the

'dirt' area between the driveways, mainly I guess because I offered

to throw muscle and money into it and help. But has grown huge

weeds in it for ELEVEN years we've lived here and it's far past time

to get it fixed up and not such a blight on the neighborhood!

Harumph! Thanks so much Oscar, for the opportunity to get that

off my chest!

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