New Pup- vs- Old girl

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New Pup- vs- Old girl

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I have been cage training the new pup....she is 5 months now. I allowed the new pup to sleep outside the cage last night. I think she pissed on the floor. I think the older Kayla over-peed her.................dang there was a 3 square foot area of pee on the floor. I guess I need to keep the pup in her cage from now on.

The Kayla is old and we did an estrogen shot 2 months ago because she let go her bladder in her sleep. I think I need to take the Kayla to the vet for some overnights so they can test her pee. I am pretty upset my Kayla has gotten to a point that she is breaking down. I am thinking of putting her down in the next year. I want to take her to the vet and have her stay for 3-4 days so can figure this out................What if NOTHING is wrong and shes just pissed at the new pup.
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