Help me decide!

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Help me decide!

Post by valerie »

For quite some time now, Tamsen has been unable to stand

long enough to finish a meal. Her bowls are in an elevated

stand, and I'm not looking so much to debate the merits of

that as I am trying to get help on whether I should let her

work it out for herself or just let her lay down and eat.

So far, sometimes I take it out of the stand when she lays

down half way through, sometimes I let her wait and get

back up when she's ready. I kinda would like to let her

be in control of her life as much as possible, but I'm

obviously pretty torn right now as to how to be the best

mommy I can be.

Thanks for any help/opinions, gang!

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Help me decide!

Post by BabyRider »

Awwww, poor Tams. I'm sending a huge puppy hug to her! :yh_hugs

What if you put 1/2 her meal in the standing bowl, and 1/2 her meal in a bowl on the floor? She's an old girl who probably doesn't care if she's up or down to eat, I'd think, and I know it's really easy for me to say from this distance, but it's probably way more important to you than it is to her. But believe me, Val, I completely understand your dilemma, and I'd have exactly the same concerns if I were in your shoes.
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Help me decide!

Post by abbey »

I'd give her whatever she wants, however she wants it, whichever way she's comfortable with.

I'd feed her by hand if that made it easier, and my guess is, you would too.

It must be heartbreaking watching for you to see her like this, my heart really goes out to you Val, :yh_hugs

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Help me decide!

Post by Facidaisy »

Think I would l keep on doing what you are doing and when she needs to lay down , let her finish her food this way too, whichever way you think is comfortable for her.

When dogs get elderly and don't want to eat its heartbreaking so while she is enjoying her food any which way is okay by me .

Hugs to Tamsen.

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