To Anyone: My thoughts on the Christian Experience

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To Anyone: My thoughts on the Christian Experience

Post by ohsnapitstez »

Greetings. I've always had this notion, but I'm afraid to share it with my fellow Christians. I think it might be a bit too radical for most to handle...well that I know. Anyhow, without any further ado, my logic.

I don't think that God wants us Christians to be the way we are. We are supposed to set the standard for others, and yet we do the most hypocritical things. God may not have intended for people of the same sex to get together, but that doesn't mean we should make them feel like monsters for it. We're supposed to love everyone, as God loved us.

We treat our own people(not just Christians, but the human race) as though we are above them, only to do the same things that they do. This "holier than thou" attitude does not bring us friends or followers. It just makes everyone wonder why they should even put up with Christians. Maybe instead of judging and bashing and making outrageous claims about who/what God hates(there are only 5, and none of them were negative epithets), maybe we can get back to what we were founded on in the first place - Being the best person we can be so that others would be naturally drawn to us.

Thats just my two cents(from being raised as a Southern Baptist and being told almost everything was a sin).
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To Anyone: My thoughts on the Christian Experience

Post by Fiend »

I am not a member of any religion, but if all the faithful just acted the way you propose, I'd be quite delighted that they are all around.

Funny thing is, I always thought this is what prophets from all major religions probably had in mind, but prophets die, and their work is continued by people who, excuse my French, think they've got God by the balls :)

On the other hand it is possible that at least some prophets were just manipulative, power hungry, bastards, or just poor souls who suffered from delusional fantasies.

It's hard to tell, and I'm not even sure it matters. Fact is that faith can help people in a lot of respects, and if everyone just agreed to do away with the hatred and constantly condemning everyone to eternal suffering for anything and everything, it would be a nice thing to have around.

It is sad that you can't even share the idea that you should just try and love everyone with your fellow Christians, though.
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To Anyone: My thoughts on the Christian Experience

Post by Dreamerguy »

I'm not a churchgoer but I try to keep a sense of spirituality. For me, a true sense of spirituality is accepting people to the fullest extent possible rather than judging and criticizing those who follow a different religion or lifestyle. In fact, that seemed to be the example that Jesus set, but you would never know it by talking to most Christians.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links yet - But Neil Young's, "When God Made Me" expresses the sentiments nicely.

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