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If anyone thought puberty was hellish wait until you reach menopause :shock:

What a nightmare it is and well done to Davina McCall for bringing it to the telly ... 47071.html

If menopause were a male issue there'd be so much information and help out there Davina wouldn't need to stand up and talk about it on telly.
I suspect the last time I was prescribed anti depressants I was actually in low mood due to peri menopause, the tablets that had worked before didn't work this time and I gave up but I also didn't bother going back to the surgery as the attitude is it's just one of those things it will get better with time.

I do not pine loosing the ability to have children, I pine for my waistline, I pine for my brain - its covered in fog. I pine for a temperature guage that works again and to go back to the times where I am not constantly reaching for something to fan myself with.

It's all got to be some sort of cruel joke. :oops: that's a hot flush face, pretty apt.
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Re: Menopause

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Awwhhh bub! I'm sorry you're going through that.
Women have never been listened to.....after all we give to the world. (don't get me started)

It does get better. Honestly. Okay ...maybe not everything but everything a male doesn't expect of us certainly gets better.
but in saying that .... Sex changes. Because we don't need insertion anymore our bodies begin to say ..."ummm nope ! that hurts now" And I believe for all the head jobs we've had to give over a life's payback time! get those tongues ready guys. I think that's why we have a clitoris. The other crap is just to get us pregnant. (that was nice of evolution to give us a continuation of pleasure multiple times)

You have to figure out the triggers for the hot flushes....and dare I say it...give whatever it is up for some solace. I gave up smoking, drinking, coffee, and meat, (Until this new job) but all the hot flushes went away, I felt great. Unfortunetly modern lifestyles isn't kind to peri- menopause.

And lets not forget men get menopause too. And one day they will admit it. :lol:

Waistline.... they come and they go. Depending on what you eat.
Brain what men do...."I'll have a think about it...I'll get back to you" "Leave it with my secretary/receptionist."
The 'radical' left just wants everyone to have food, shelter, healthcare, education and a living wage. Man that's radical!....ooooohhhh Scary!

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