Conservatives Support Waines....

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Conservatives Support Waines....

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I think its unreal. I think it was 'convienient' that a Human Resources Minister was in need at the time. I have a hard time understanding how a person in such a position could change her mind after working 'so hard' in what we thought she believed in. Thats huge. You bet Harper would be dissapointed! She'd better be satisfied with her new party. I say good for her if its all ambition and she truly feels it was neccessary and boo if its she has no honest intention.
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Conservatives Support Waines....

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Jiperly wrote:


What do you think her actions were? Ambition or a desire to keep Canada together?

Looking at her shappy record in and out of politics I would say she did it for the cabinet (Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development) appointment she so recieved for becoming a TURNCOAT.
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Conservatives Support Waines....

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Jiperly wrote: Seems like her actions helped to fight off an election- Canada survived a non-confidence vote

tie vote till the speaker speaks, what a muck flinging mess the canadian government has become
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