CS2? CSS1? Tables?

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Casey Morgan
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CS2? CSS1? Tables?

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I'm in the very preliminary stages of redesigning the company website. I could use some opinions on how to code it.

Due to the nature of one of our products we are likely getting visitors who are either blind or visually impaired. I'm seriously thinking of doing the site with DIVs. Is CSS2 a safe bet yet or should I stick to CSS1? Or should I stick to HTML? (I don't know XML/XHTML but I can learn.)

Because of this product we are also going to be getting visitors either from the federal and state governments or who need information in connection with them. I'm assuming that most of our visitors are using IE. (The logs don't really help much.) I think IE6 is only available for XP. Ideally we'd like to make the site usable by as many people as possible, so are we likely to have to take IE5.x into account?

This is not the time for me to be learning anything new unless I need to. My plate is very full right now. So learning XHTMl/XML/etc. just because well gee, REAL webmasters don't use {whatever} is out of the question. Learning it because it's functionally NECESSARY is valid.

So keeping all the above in mind, what should I code with? CSS2 or CSS1? HTML or XHTML? Tables or DIVs? And yes folks, my target audience will be IE users. YOU try getting Uncle George (Bush) or Uncle George (Pataki) to change browsers. :wah:
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CS2? CSS1? Tables?

Post by G-man »

Axe the divs! :wah:

Go with CSS2 and xHTML Strict. That's your best bet.

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