What to do with an extra bedroom?

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What to do with an extra bedroom?

Post by kagardener »

I've recently purchased a home which has 5 bedrooms. While we only needed 4, I couldn't pass this house up as it is literally the house of my dreams. I'll share a list of things we do NOT require, either because we already have that space or our family has no need for it:

spare bedroom

home gym

home office

large closet

craft room

Any ideas will be welcome- even if you think you're being silly.
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What to do with an extra bedroom?

Post by FourPart »

Obvious suggestions...

Store room.

Guest Room.

Play Room (for kids or adults).

Bedroom (for future kids?).

Lodger's Room (supplementing the mortgage).

Housing a family of Refugees for free (if you're following the latest trend).

Personally, my choice would be a Music Room, where I could keep all my instruments & other musical paraphernalia.
Patsy Warnick
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What to do with an extra bedroom?

Post by Patsy Warnick »

Welcome to FG

Why don't you wait. You may develop other interest, example: sewing room.

or a room your kids may need later.

it could be a extra T.V. room/guest room until you decide or really need it.

It seems you always need more room.

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What to do with an extra bedroom?

Post by along-for-the-ride »

How about a room for indoor plants?

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