snoopers to help families the AA grumpy column

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snoopers to help families the AA grumpy column

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and welcome to another bright and sunny sunday morning at grumpy towers

i,ve posted this as home management because if this idea does come off

i suppose it is home management of sorts......

DESPITE savage cuts across the board, David Cameron has suddenly found almost half-a-billion quid to sort out Briatin's most chaotic families.

The guy must be a magician.

The PM’s going to give cash to councils who get their act together and help 120,000 problem households get their acts together.

A lot of dosh to suddenly find down the back of the Treasury sofa butwill it make a jot of difference in the real world? Will it hell!

Will it help wean dads off smack, mums off booze, solve mental health problems and persuade feral kids not to just go to school but stay there?

I don't think so.

Cameron will tell you his plan makes financial sense: when you tot up what their drink and drug problems, crime and benefit demands make on the system, the Frank Gallaghers of this world already cost us £9billion a year.

Spend half-a-billion to save nine? It’s a no-brainer.

How will Cameron’s plan work? Well, troubleshooters or ShamelessSquads, as they've been dubbed, will be attached to particular families.

They'll co-ordinate with all the other agencies who stick their noses in all 28 of them, and offer hands-on help and guidance to those most in need.

It's stuff that my social worker friends already do – and that’s the first problem I’ve got with the PM’s plan.

We’ve got plenty of highly-trained experts already helping troubled families.

But social workers are buckling under the weight of their case loads, a burden that’s grown in the past year as Cameron’s cuts start to bite.

Handling 30 or 40 families each is all but impossible so why doesn’t the PM invest in them, they ask, so they can provide a first-class service?

But they already know the answer: the British Association of Social Workers claims Cameron’s Shameless Squads aren’t so much about helping families as diverting your attention away from the root causes of their problems: poor housing, lack of jobs and so on.

But it would cost a hell of a lot more than half-a-billion quid to replace every crime-ridden estate in the land with something more conducive to a happy home life.

Never afraid to sound off in soundbites, it was Cameron himself who made the Shameless reference last Thursday But has he ever seen the Channel 4 show? Does he honestly think a lone troubleshooter could mend the Gallagher clan?

They might address Frank’s drink problem but what about the drugs?

How long could Frank stay clean when everyone on the Chatsworth Estate is on the gear and you can buy a pill with your pint? Not long.

True, when Tony Blair and Gordon Brown tried something similar a few years back there were successes. Not many though.

The last Labour shower also gave us Sure Start centres that are proven to help vulnerable children and yet there are fears hundreds may close as a result of ConDem cuts.

Why bother trumpeting another new initiative, Mr Cameron, when you’re not backing the ones you already have?

If you were truly committed to social change you would focus on closing the ever-widening rich-poor divide in this country.

Until you tackle that you’ve got no chance of sorting out Frank Gallagher and Co. ... -nothing-/


where the hell did he come up with this idea on a visit to teletubbyland

what makes la la cameron think that his army of snoopers will do any good at all this is a trick even paul daniels couldnt do.

all thats likely to happen is that feral families will tell the snoopers to f**k

off and shut the door firmly in their faces some may even get bit as the scroats set the dog on them with a can of stella in one hand and a spliff in the other.

i cant see the local toerag families going for this idea its half a billion chucked down the drain if you ask me dave and i,m surprised at the tories coming up with this idea i,d have thought it would have come from the wishy washy liberals.

so what is this army of snoopers likely to achieve i,ll tell you absolutly NOTHING well they may help a few out but not enough to justify half a billion being spent.

talking of overkill during the olympic games a mile and a half exclusion ring is to be thrown up ( dont use that word grumps i dont feel well today ED)

im not surprised with 3 bottles of my best brandy down your throat.

sorry as i was saying during the games this exclusion zone requires all local householders to obtain a permit to park outside their own homes during the games.

the permits are free but its to be policed by an army of ...yes you guessed it snoopers looking for law breakers so they can impose fines.

so if you are looking for a job theres plenty of SNOOPING jobs to come..
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snoopers to help families the AA grumpy column

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OK smarty pants what initiative would you implement to attempt to solve the obvious problems ?

Anybody can knock down an idea, not everybody can build a good one.
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the grumps
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snoopers to help families the AA grumpy column

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1 . take the uk out of the eu and supply our home market or trade with the states far east etc

2. boot out all illegal immigrants who shouldnt be here by employing police immigration and any other forces required empty immigration holding cenres and force repatriation with emergency travel docs by physicly manhandling them on to planes coaches etc and handcuffing them if req untill they are off british soil return arriving immigrants to france spain etc back on the ferry they came on with holding cells in the car deck where they can be locked up untill the ship is right out to sea

3. make british jobs (left by the reffies) for british workers make these idle scroats take jobs or stop their benefits severing the benefits culture.

4. take back the streets by putting the bobby back on the beat and actually JAIL those who do wrong with real prison sentences on wrist smack sentances

5. make prisons a punishment not a hotel make lags work remove games stations tv,s in the cells but keep the sanitation and make prisons what

they were meant for.

6. return to borstals and detention centres for thieving young feral youths

7. renationalise the railways and buses and other former public owned facilities

8 . return corpral punishment to schools

9. lower taxes on fuel fags and booze

10. stop giving away aid to third world countries like africa and support our own people

11. recall british troops from war zones and be a state of armed neutrality

one day the change will come i just hope it isnt too late to put things back as they where

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snoopers to help families the AA grumpy column

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I totally agree with Andy. It's a complete waste of money.

It doesn't matter how much money you spend, you can not buy someone morals and ethics to want to behave like a decent citizen.

If they break the law, stop their benefit and jail them........... simples
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snoopers to help families the AA grumpy column

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Yeah right !!!
I thought I knew more than this until I opened my mouth

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