Oblivion - Best RPG Ever?

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Oblivion - Best RPG Ever?

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(I think I might have put this thread in the wrong forum...whoops.)

If you are a gamer, you can't miss one of the greatest RPGs ever created.

Forget the fact that the visuals are absolutely eye-burningly stunning. (If you see a dim, misty mountain miles away, you can go over there and actually climb it! Even the fields have flowers that look gorgeous up close.)

Forget the unbelievably good spoken dialogue, and the literally hundreds of characters you can interact with. Forget the endless choices for good or bad behavior. (Like my username, I always go for the "good guy" choices!)

Forget the loads of side quests and the ridiculous amounts of customizable equipment.

Forget that you can be one of a dozen types of races, male or female, and that the character customization is so deep you can literally recreate your own face perfectly and put yourself in the game...

The best part is the HUGE world to wander in with deserts, mountains, sunrises, oceans to swim in, and horses to ride. It's the size of a good Western state.

I played through this myself (From June until August!) but my wife was so intrigued, that she had to start her own game!

What I thought was astounding is that her game is NOTHING like mine. I went the "Nordic Viking Warrior" route, but she is a small, petite-but-lightning fast half-mage, half rogue. (Some of her spells unlock doors that I could never open, vaporize enemies, and even allow her to walk on water. )More than that, I ran everywhere, she rides her whole stable of horses.

I had a shack to dump stuff in. She bought houses in every city and furnished them with awesome rugs, furniture, and paintings! (She even learned to pick up books, all of which can be read, and put them in bookcases in her houses as well as putting various objects around for decoration on the tables!)

It's the best game I've ever played and I've played almost every system since "pong."
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Oblivion - Best RPG Ever?

Post by Raven »

I've got that one. Looking forward to playing over the summer break! After my Neverwinter nights 2. Then it is off to Baldurs Gate and Icewind Dale for me!:-4
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Oblivion - Best RPG Ever?

Post by TruthBringer »

I would say that Oblivion is the best console all around RPG ever created. Now if the sequal to Oblivion has online features, hold onto your seatbelts.
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