pc game problem

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pc game problem

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This game has one computer terminal sequence where nothing happens - it sounds like you are there!

ratshack wrote: Would someone please help me with the pc game splinter cell pandora tomorrow.

In the game sam is supposed to access the computers in mission 2.

The problem that Iam having is that every time I try to do this, Sam types on the keyboard, than squats down in front of the monitor, and stares at the monitor, but nothing else happens.

I have followed the instructions in the owners man., several times , but no go .

I did this in the original game Splinter cell , and it worked fine.

Each timeSam can perform a special action, an interaction system window will open. Press action - space and hold it, and then use your mouse wheel or w and s to select the action you want to perform .

Release action - space to validate your choice.

I have again done this several times , but nothing happens.

Please would someone tell me when Sam has accessed the computer , so that the big big bar will stop coming up telling me to access the computer.

Thank You ,

A Splinter cell fan who needs help ASAP

Len B.
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pc game problem

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Rat shack!!! where ya been??

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