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Post: jhon venables at risk in jail

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Posted by: silver.service

Original Content: hello welcome to my post

as reported by the daily tabloid rags pictures are purported to be circulating on social media and among prisoners in jail of what venables looks like now and his new identity with a price on his head and as one anti child abuse campaginer stated its only a matter of time before some catches up with him.

the tabloid press have given them a start as they printed his initals as AB and he,s locked up in a catagory A maximum security jail in the north of england which doesnt take too much working out as theres only frankland in that neck of the woods that fits the bill.

then theres the call to unmask who the killer venables really is so what do they do with him he,s in danger inside and in danger outside do they give him a 5th identity at the publics expense or just keep him behind bars for the rest of his life as the trial judge even told venables that it is unlikely he will be released at the half way point of 20 months.

even the attorney generals office waded in with a toothless statement of it is a breach of the order to provide images of venables or thompson or their whereabouts this also applies to the internet.

i personally cannot see internet users abiding by this rule if it has any legal enforcement to be used against the internet in the first place and despite the picture being taken down by censors one anonymous campaigner has vowed to continue posting and sharing his image.

even a psycologist has gone on national tv to state venables may kill again if released.

by downloading child porn and being sent back to prison again venables only has himself to blame no doubt he will be placed in the most secure part of the prison and will have to exercise alone eat alone and watch tv alone for the forseeable future with only certain prison officers for company.

its been 25 years since jamie was killed and people havent forgot as the home office hoped they would venables crime arrest and sentence have brought the past back to the fore with the tv and paper media digging up as much of the past and re interviewing

the parents as they can find.

thompson is in a gay relationship in the north of england and only his partner knows who he really is but this will also place his life in danger as there will be as much a price on his head as venables.

i,ve always said what goes around comes around and hopefully denise and ralph will eventually get the justice and closure for jamie that the legal system failed them on.
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