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Reason:This guy is up to his old tricks again
Post: Our government has made us ALL into thieves.

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Posted by: Gnostic Christian Bishop

Original Content: Mark Aspam;1495709 wrote: [QUOTE]Well, it's one of those bone-to-pick websites that starts with the conclusion and then folds, bends and mutilates the facts to support their own agenda. As far as I know, that is not illegal.

So you ignore the data and try to discredit it without putting anything against it. Senility has set in.

Personally, as a 75-year-old American, I've never felt that I was being over-taxed; on the contrary, compared to Canada, GB and others, I think USA taxes are pretty reasonable.

Irrelevant to the fact that you continue to have an advantage over those of less income than yourself and that those above your income have an advantage over you.

If you could do unto others, would you maintain such a system?

Is GST/VAT a regressive system?

If you disagree, well, that is fine, I respect your right to do so! In that case, you should support candidates for public office who agree with you, or possibly run for office yourself on a tax-relief platform.

Naivety bordering on senility.


Control is an illusion. The Chaos is all part of the fun.
-Susan Hattie Steinsapir

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