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Reason:Is "As a woman, you should be ashamed of yourself" tolerated on ForumGarden? It's a blatant personal attack.
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Original Content: I'm In absolutely no doubt here that should I so much as dare critisize Gill's post, she'll accuse me of trolling or ' getting angry' with her.

However, frankly, both of your posts appall me Gill. As a woman, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Very often, the women you see today In historic sex crimes were either children or very young women at the time of the crime. When famous people are Involved, It Is their very status that deters the girls going to the police at the time because they feel or they are warned that no-one will believe them against the word of a wealthy famous name.

I do believe some have jumped on the band wagon as the woman were proved to be liars In the William Roache case but not every one of them.

So by your 15 year rule, the likes of Savile would have got away It had he lived ?

Would you Ignore new evidence In a murder over 15 years old ? Of course not. Yet you're willing to Ignore new evidence just because It Involved sex and a young woman ?

The problem I have had with some celebs being prosecuted under Operation Yewtree such as Dave Lee Travis Is because his entire career was brought Into question over fondling someone's bottom 30 years ago. Yet, some of the cases tried, Involved serious rape.


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Thank you for that FG, it saved me having to go on the board and defend myself ! I do try to avoid Oscar these days. What she says, when she jumps on me from a great height, just stirs things up which I suspect is all she wants to do. I may be wrong though.
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